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which card gives you the most nostalgia?

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That is easy to answer: I had so much fun using them (specially to punish assholes and kick them out of the game for builing others - like orb stealing etc.)

Mine probably nasty surprise but hard to limit to just one, I loved the game as a whole

forest elder for me

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It's kind of a difficult choice to be honest, because it's the combination of cards, music and the environment that gave me nostalgia. I never thought I'd be happy to look at a loading screen. Now, I know you expect me to say Spitfire, but no :P I don't know to be honest, maybe Dreadnought, Eruption or the special ability from Worldbreaker Gun being used.

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Mine would be Frost Mage. Was the first card I really worked hard to achieve by myself. Used to save up my daily BFP from games, closely analyse the market of low cards (~20BFP) and know exactly what keeps dropping and increasing in price and would buy that, this way I would make profit daily.

Saved until I found a really nice deal, was like 125BFP for Frost Mage if I recall correctly. The next week, it went up to like 250BFP or something, was so happy. lol

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