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  1. Hey all! I'm going to host a Skylords Reborn stream in a few hours, likely around 1pm EST. You can find the stream at https://www.twitch.tv/nightrein when it's up. I'll be doing PvE missions; hopefully I can team up with someone to do the 2 or 4 player missions :P I'll see you then, Skylords! :hype:

    1. nanke


      I missed it, but if you ever stream again, dont forget to save it to twitch so we can watch it later! :D 

    2. nightrein


      Agh, I didn't have the archive enabled x_x I'll have to fix that for next time.

  2. nightrein

    English Grammar Test

    Good enough
  3. nightrein

    They're talking about us in the dawngate community

    Here's hoping you guys can have the same fortune Skylords Reborn did! It's always a shame to see a game completely shut down.
  4. nightrein

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    Oh crap, that's me ._. heck yeah, boy!
  5. nightrein

    When is your Birthday?

    25th of February. Right around the corner.
  6. Let's put this into perspective. As our friend @Shred above decided to reference, let's look at Riot. They were acquired, in the same vein Phenomic was acquired, by Tencent. Look at Riot's current business model. Did Tencent decide how the ingame microtransactions would work? Are they literally puppeteering all of Riot's decisions? No. Just because Phenomic became a subsidiary of EA does not mean that EA suddenly controlled all their decisions. It means that EA took a cut of their profits in return for them getting the EA brand and use of EA's advertising. EA isn't that great of a company. They're not even a good company. But come on man, really? They're not freakin' comic book villains buying up games and going "muahaha time to ruin it". They work just like any other corporation.
  7. Phenomic was effectively a different group from what you call "EA" as a whole. Remember, Battleforge died because Phenomic TANKED. The group keeping the game running died, and the game went down with them. EA maybe could have picked it up, but at that point it was dead. Playerbase would've been sub-500 people. The game was getting no love because Phenomic was actively bleeding resources for years. Do you really think EA could have resuscitated it? I get the EA hate, but ffs this is the dumbest place you could froth about it.
  8. So what of microtransactions? I'm assuming by this statement you are never going to allow the purchasing of packs a la original Battleforge. Do you believe you will be trying to implement any microtransactions now that it's legal for you to do so?
  9. nightrein

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    Oh man. I found this game so long ago I can't remember anymore. It must've been at least 7 years ago, around the time I quit playing Battlefield Heroes. I'd seen an ad for it since it was another of EAs games, and it drew me to try it out. I was still rather new to online gaming, so I had no idea what to expect. But oh man, the game hooked me instantly. CCGs were my love in life at that point in time - YuGiOh and Magic: The Gathering were my favorite pastimes. But seeing a game where the cards literally came to life? I was in heaven I dove right into the game, enthralled by how the story unfolded, how the cards themselves had at least somewhat significant lore behind them, and how they would even interact with one another. In hindsight, and with a lot of coding behind me, I can see now how it was all minor touches here and there, but at the time it gave me a sense of childhood wonder I hadn't had since Runescape. My only snare was a lack of money with which to spend on the game. I was just a kid, and my father was fairly opposed to the idea of spending money online - the idea of identity theft had him paranoid of it. Begging was non-optional, given the backlash I would see in the chat for it. So I made do with what a few friends I'd met were willing to pass off to me - some shoddy commons, but better than nothing. They let me have a t1 for fire, which let me explore past the default frost and shadow deck I had been using. Eventually we discovered that they sold box copies of the game that came with BFP and some cards along with it and I spent ALL the allowance I could manage on it (You can see I've still got a few from this post.) I'd liken the opening of these card packs, and the surge of options and ideas that came with my newfound cards, more to a religious experience than that of a game to my young mind. I even unboxed my first , which was (as my profile picture may tell) the card I'd sought most. I loved Frost's slower, but more permanent playstyle, and to me that card was the ultimate form of it. Hard to take my orbs when there's a huge freakin' cannon in the way! Slowly but surely I progressed through the game, making a few friends along the way. Inevitably I dove into PvP, meeting with little success but a lot of learning experiences along the way. It never rang as truly as the PvE did for me, but it was fun nonetheless. I don't remember too awful much from it, apart from that I'd ended up making a couple of (very talented, I would later learn...) friends during a skirmish when they seemed to find it funny that I'd bothered to fully upgrade a regular Firedancer, instead of just buying a promo one. All this was great for a couple of years. I was having the time of my life, and getting slowly but very visibly better as it went on. But eventually, my account was messed with: I found myself "muted" - I could send messages in any chat I wanted, whisper whomever, but they would never respond. I could only communicate via the in-game mail system. This was sudden, and I put in a ticked with EA's customer support services. Little did I know at that time just how futile that was. After over a month of this, I was forced to make a new account and ship all my cards to it in order to play properly again as I could not send invites to games anymore. This meant throwing out ALL of my upgrades for the privilege. Hundreds of hours of work lost. This kicked me out of PvP all but entirely, and would ultimately make me slowly lose interest in the game. Eventually, I got a message from EA saying "they resolved my issue." This came about a year and a half later, during October of 2013. As you all know, it was a little late. That's how I found out the game I'd loved was about to die. Not the kindest of messages. I've always gushed about this game to my friends that I've met since. I'd tell stories of hilarious, cheesy strategies in PvE maps or ridiculous things I'd seen or done in PvP to surprise other players. Ever since its shutdown I'd always said that if I had the resources to bring the game back, I would in a heartbeat. Fast-forward to about 3 months ago, whilst I'm hanging out with one such friend. He shows me a video he'd found on YouTube since I'd recently mentioned the game to him. Sure enough, it's the Skylords Reborn trailer video. I'm literally speechless. The first thing I do is jump to the website to see this forum, and all sorts of wondrous things in it. I hit that Card Database and I swear my eyes must've lit up like a Christmas tree with the wave of nostalgia that hit me. I hopped in with an account of my own, and after a couple days of gathering my thoughts and a few "please don't screw this up's" I threw an application on the recruitment thread. After all the times I said I'd do anything given the resources, there was no way I was gonna let an opportunity pass me by. Alas, I've come far too late to the party to be of help it seems. But I've been hanging around ever since, eager to see every inch of ground gained, every step closer to the game we all miss coming back. And I'm no less eager to pitch in however I can. Thank you for reading this big ol' wall of text, and good luck to everyone entering! May we all see each other in the Forge one day soon
  10. nightrein

    Poll: Changing the upgrade system

    Here's the problem with that: the admins and mods will be actively watching for multiaccounting, and that's the easiest thing to track. Account got made and instantly sent its cards to another account, never to be seen again? Caught. So "multiaccounting makes them worthless" is just intrinsically wrong. People will still be after the starting cards for charges, despite them being starting cards. And as @RadicalX said, some starter decks will benefit far more from the upgrades than others, which will likely cause a very stagnant low-level PvP experience. Not a good thing by any stretch. And the overarching issue with handing out PvP-only upgrades is: We need the PvP players to still do PvE. If ANY of the upgrades are given on a 4 or 12 player map (2 player ones, they can most likely find someone to join them easy) then any excuse for the PvP-only players to abstain from playing them makes it that much harder to find a match. A lot (I'd wager most) of players, even PvE-exclusives, will stop playing many of the maps after getting the upgrades they're after in favor of rPvE instead. For a new player to come in several months after release (which is the theoretical timeframe we're working with) and find them unable to fill a queue is a bad thing. For the sake of sustaining the steady playerbase in all game modes, we need to not have U2/U3s auto-applied during PvP, and handing out U1s isn't useful given how easy U1s are to get. It all seems more work than it is worth, especially given we don't know if this will even be a problem yet.
  11. nightrein

    Poll: Changing the upgrade system

    @LagOps I'm guessing the voters agree with what was already said in this thread. They may not want the change because they want Battleforge to work the same way as it did, and had no problems with the system. Or they believe that the upgrade/charge system was a form of game progression, which this game sorely needs, and removing it for PvPers to give them easier access would have a damaging effect on the lifespan of people's accounts - which could very likely be true. And making the starting cards fully upgraded literally removes their worth for the sake of the Auction House. Or maybe they just wanted to vote, idk. Nobody other than yourself and Archeon has posted a reason for wanting any of the changes listed, despite there being several votes. They (I would hope) probably agree with what you and/or him said. @Ladadoos I see. Yeah, I can see it drawing some people to just spar indefinitely once they have at least 1 copy of each card they want. But if they enjoy PvP enough to do that, I would think they would eventually want to go into ranked - and thus have to go get their upgrades like everyone else. IDK, I just feel like locking it to people who have only played up until a certain amount of time rather defeats the purpose - that time would have to be long enough for them to have gotten the cards they want (which, consider a deck that requires 3 or 4 UR cards. That could be a long time, depending on AH prices for those cards - let alone how much RNG would go into legitimately unboxing each of them) in order to fuss around with it. Either it'd have to be long enough that the restriction doesn't matter, or so short that the theory testing aspect to be worthless.
  12. nightrein

    Guild Wars 2 : My new addiction

    GW2 vet here, (few months from my 4 year loyalty bonus xD) you're in for a ride. My advice is to take it slowly and actually listen to what people say. The worldbuilding done through the storyline quest and just generally listening to Scouts talk about the nearby areas is amazing. And the vistas are well worth watching. Where most MMOs you just want to rush their content to max out, the levelling up really is the experience for Guild Wars. If anyone here is interested, I have a small guild already established. The only people in it right now are a few friends (several of which have stopped playing anyway) and I would not mind using the guild for the Skylords Reborn folks @Shotty if you or anyone else is interested, feel free to add me! My friend ID is Nightrein.6410. Either way, have fun!
  13. nightrein

    Your best gifs

  14. nightrein

    Poll: Changing the upgrade system

    I see. But, why add the extra time restriction then? It'd only cut people off from doing the theorycraft testing.
  15. nightrein

    Poll: Changing the upgrade system

    To clarify: I meant that their current deck would be set to level 120, not that they would get some level 120 premade decks. The point of this option isn't just that the new players could play spars on a numerically equal field, but also so that anyone could test their theorycrafted decks assuming they had the cards. I don't think we should use this option to let people use cards they don't already own - that'd draw players to just do sparring until they've played with every card they could ever want, and thus harm the lifespan of their gameplay experience. Or if we only let them use premade 120 decks, it would make for similar/the same match every time, and might put them off bothering with it. I think that by letting players throw whatever cards into a deck and let them set it to 120 for the sake of a sparring match would make for a healthy testing that would let players see how much they like using a card without wasting a dozen hours farming all 3 upgrades and spending BFP for more charges on it only to find out it wasn't nearly what they'd hoped. Or at the very least, the option to screw around with friends a little more enjoyably

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