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  1. nightrein

    English Grammar Test

    Good enough
  2. nightrein

    When is your Birthday?

    25th of February. Right around the corner.
  3. Let's put this into perspective. As our friend @Shred above decided to reference, let's look at Riot. They were acquired, in the same vein Phenomic was acquired, by Tencent. Look at Riot's current business model. Did Tencent decide how the ingame microtransactions would work? Are they literally puppeteering all of Riot's decisions? No. Just because Phenomic became a subsidiary of EA does not mean that EA suddenly controlled all their decisions. It means that EA took a cut of their profits in return for them getting the EA brand and use of EA's advertising. EA isn't that great of a company. They're not even a good company. But come on man, really? They're not freakin' comic book villains buying up games and going "muahaha time to ruin it". They work just like any other corporation.
  4. Phenomic was effectively a different group from what you call "EA" as a whole. Remember, Battleforge died because Phenomic TANKED. The group keeping the game running died, and the game went down with them. EA maybe could have picked it up, but at that point it was dead. Playerbase would've been sub-500 people. The game was getting no love because Phenomic was actively bleeding resources for years. Do you really think EA could have resuscitated it? I get the EA hate, but ffs this is the dumbest place you could froth about it.
  5. So what of microtransactions? I'm assuming by this statement you are never going to allow the purchasing of packs a la original Battleforge. Do you believe you will be trying to implement any microtransactions now that it's legal for you to do so?
  6. nightrein

    Guild Wars 2 : My new addiction

    GW2 vet here, (few months from my 4 year loyalty bonus xD) you're in for a ride. My advice is to take it slowly and actually listen to what people say. The worldbuilding done through the storyline quest and just generally listening to Scouts talk about the nearby areas is amazing. And the vistas are well worth watching. Where most MMOs you just want to rush their content to max out, the levelling up really is the experience for Guild Wars. If anyone here is interested, I have a small guild already established. The only people in it right now are a few friends (several of which have stopped playing anyway) and I would not mind using the guild for the Skylords Reborn folks @Shotty if you or anyone else is interested, feel free to add me! My friend ID is Nightrein.6410. Either way, have fun!
  7. nightrein

    Your best gifs

  8. nightrein

    Announcement - Stream on 29/01/2017

    Stream at 3? So... 8AM my time x_x I'll have to set an alarm lol.
  9. nightrein

    Logo Winner: Poll

    I would like to see @PooRJoghurT's entry updated with more visible text. I genuinely didn't even know it was there until reading the comments xD I especially like the little monument logo. It could be used to replace a lot of the BF stuff still lingering around - e.g. a launcher icon - if need be.
  10. nightrein

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Windweavers. I've used the name "Windweaver" for several things in honor of them. Worldbreaker Gun comes in a close second

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