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  1. NAME: Second time the upgrade did not show up first t1 now t3 SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Forge / Card upgrade screen REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: Well the upgrades show up on the left side but not on my upgrade screen i can buy the same upgrade i own again , right now its just the nightguard but i havent started upgrading a lot of cards. SCREENSHOT: https://imgur.com/a/SO8X4Wv ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: None.
  2. Welcome and hope you enjoy the community @Kubik just take your time dont pull a fiki to make us worried
  3. I am sorry if my English is not good enough to understand but if you fully read it , i said "people who cant play the game for fun and cant take a lose cus they want to experiment" That was ment for the ones that do smurf that they should take a lose if they want to try something why "punish" another lower rank making him lose vs a smurf or more of them , while he is maybe at his peak rank playing it normally . Like i dont want to lose to somebody thats similar to my elo i also dont want to lose vs somebody that a lower elo than me , but i dont even want to PLAY vs somebody thats a higher rank
  4. 20 smurfs* each taking 20 games to get their rank is 400 games of people losing elo cus somebody decided they dont want to lose their elo cus they wouldnt risk it on the main so they can just create an acc and it wouldn't matter to them if they lost that much, on the other hand somebody got matched 17 out of those 400 games vs a smurf and lost well most of them to say the least got his gameplay kinda ruined . My point is practice and get destroyed at your own elo/rank and learn it that was , trial and error, its a bit harder for lower rank players to understand what they did wrong if a smurf
  5. I did in both of my comments thats why i downvoted yours i guess u might not be reading i didnt downvote theirs cus at least they are explaining, defending it Your comment was like . Meh im not gona be close to those ranks so it doesnt effect me at all and i dont care.
  6. Meh i guess its hard to convince people that were already just way to used 2 multi-accounting that it takes time to improve doesnt matter if you lose quick if you give up as quick as u lose than i dont know how to even try to defend my point with the over exaggerateing of the time i would lose in , that doesnt mean you would experiment with the deck that means the second u would lose your lead you would give up. As nofearek said it wouldnt effect his game that only applies to people who dont PVP at all , even you being in 3 lower rank games effects a lot of people cus remember you arent the on
  7. Honestly, no form of multi-character/accounts should be allowed, people who cant play the game for fun and cant take a lose cus they want to experiment or so-called "tryhards" shouldn't even play the game if they are playing it for elo and not for the game itself. If you want to play the game and if you are really good (using this as a best example) . Cant you just lose 2 games while trying the new deck , analyze what u could have improved on , cool your head by playing with your main deck to bring you elo back to your average/peak and after that try the experimental deck a few more times , an
  8. I think you should do it on your own channel i mean it is your content and considering you do most of it , And the community channel should do like fastest speedrun or tournaments considering that we might go live soon , some people might come to see specific people comment while other just want to see general gameplay or " highlights" . So in my opinion do if for yourself but since its you channel you dont need to do just battleforge or even just battleforge replays you can do whatever u want to you will get feedback from people anyway! @Eirias
  9. Dont be sorry its fine we cant say that we arent sad or what not but still. Education and health are way more important than this. So please just stay healthy everything else is second to that. But yea would have been better if you told us to wait like 3 more months and release it in like 2 you know* Because we kinds overhype ourself not knowing how the full progress is but this way you could easily surprise us !
  10. You can get rid of other card types if you uncheck the twilight/stonekin cus im guessing it registers that u have one of the orbs so there is a possibility that it just shows you the option with the orb u have if you unckeck those there wont be those combo cards.
  11. I know its inactive but still considering its hard to make a team , is anybody interested in duo queue on Na,EuNe, or Euw. Na and eune acc are around silver-gold, euw plat-dia. Id like somebody that can just play and talk to doesnt need to try hard . Any role ofc and talking on discord is prefered.
  12. Please replace everything u can with this one to make it official/universal its the fastest one out of all of them , and honestly it has the best gui and the information is clear unlike the other sites where the text is messed up or missing. Edit: also is there supposed to be info on the cards right side when you hover over it on the deck section or it it supposed to be blank like this . If any of it is intended remove the black box or just show the info . Sry to bother u with the small things but if i notice it i just have 2 ask
  13. Amazing man it looks so much better than it did the last time im using it quite a lot love the speed and now u made the GUI even better Keep up the amazing work! Edit: The database is missing the 2nd affinity of revenants blessing as much as i noticed.
  14. This one is really well made i must say very good job! Keep up the good work and yea i hope this could be the official and universal one once some of the suggestions that u got ,get implemented so keep up the good work and see you on the forge soon!
  15. Forest elder cus its the card that i got from my first booster and as a f2p player it got me a lot of value so i was able to afford a lot of cards after selling it :/ So yea my favorite card got me a really nice boost but was sold. To get a whole deck i sold my best card so to say "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few".
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