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  1. Cikibarikonei

    New card idea

    Not if you read the lore its not. Or the abilities for that matter. Stonekins have adamant skin as an ability and there are other creatures made of stone in the game that are not stonekin, for example Abyssal Warden. I mean the name and the amount of damage reduction can be changed for a better idea.
  2. Cikibarikonei

    New card idea

    Oh yeah, forgot to put it. I was thinking 90 power maybe, but 70 sounds a bit better.
  3. Cikibarikonei

    New card idea

    I mean, they have adamant skin and its only on them yeah. The point of this one would be to soak a lot of damage as a protector that heals. It there is a better idea go for it
  4. Cikibarikonei

    New card idea

    So I know its not gonna be soon that we are gonna see new cards but I do love the idea that there are gonna be new cards. So in that spirit I made a little homage to that. All CC welcome. Ability: Light Radiance Costs 70 Power. Activate to become immobile and heal other friendly units within 15 m radius for up to 400 in total per second. Cannot be disabled by spell blocking abilities. Lasts for 20 seconds or until interrupted. Reusable every 30 seconds. Ability: Stone skin Unit takes 15 % less damage Ability: Slow Slow movement

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