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  1. Did you logged in since few months? Around december there was last server reset, clearing all accounts and reversing progress, that means you (and all of us) are starting from the beggining.
  2. How hard it would be to implement colorblind mode in skylords? As I'm playing with my friend, and speaking for him, the biggest problems are affinities (green and red affinity cards which luckily are infused or gifted) and red/orange enemy indicators (when you're playing stonekin vs stonekin that can make biggest mess
  3. After today's tournament it is possible to have a lot of nice replays, and I will try to save mine (if I get further than 1st round XDD )
  4. I don't think we should bother now on cheap cards, but more on points inflation and having so many of them around. Gold is not so dangerous like having new players to pay 4X ammount for same cards because of inflation, a lot of bfp around but rewards on same spot.
  5. These are free pvp decks? Or it can include some minor changes with your own cards?
  6. This is not "so stupid" idea, but I'd sink bfp into buying some kind of "holo card" like they print in magic the gathering or pokemon. Making shopping them available when having T3 upgrade and full charges. I'm not saying they should have texture changes (like promo) because that will need more work than necessery, but only staying to art image in cards and just changing it
  7. What was your best packs in booster simulator? Let's open few of them https://allcards.skylords.eu/booster.html and share your screenshots
  8. 2620 Kiwidancer ready to siege wells
  9. Congratulations Ultrakool, you were always so active, and really friendly
  10. One eternity later... Still waiting for release
  11. 2277 looks like it's going to nowhere
  12. I can't ;_; My eyes burns when I want to think about like about firedancer
  13. Sorry, your profile pic scares me ;_;
  14. If you're handsome enough it's okay But I prefer @Dzodin ;3
  15. I have 1,86m 62 kg. Really skinny, with quite long brown hair and beard. 18 y.o artistic and metalhead type
  16. Bigos is the number one dish There's nothing better than eating bigos on christmas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bigos http://paleoleap.com/bigos-polish-hunters-stew/
  17. That can be interesting. Someone wants firedancer to light up inner fire ?
  18. When I'm waiting in game loading I always alt+tab and go into game documents. Here I always found a minimap picture and I can see where will be big camps and play random map like a known one That's a little cheating
  19. That power well are generated on textures (or in the middle of them?) Which normally never exists, even monument have that problem
  20. When "you need more pylons" But seriously " Lucky at cards, unlucky in love " Guess who opened 2 heartstone legendaries in 2 days when next girl friendzoned
  21. Looking through my old disc I found pretty strange screenshot that I take from original Battleforge. Ahh, lovely random map generator
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