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which card gives you the most nostalgia?

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That is easy to answer: I had so much fun using them (specially to punish assholes and kick them out of the game for builing others - like orb stealing etc.)

Mine probably nasty surprise but hard to limit to just one, I loved the game as a whole

forest elder for me

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I mean, of course the result shouldnt be that if we all receive 5 boosters on launch, that 5% get a promo. Thats not what should happen, but promos are great and something a lot of people couldnt afford in the old game because they were expensive as ****. But it should be something one might achieve. I mean its an achievement if i must say so to receive a card with a new look, with a bit of an exclusive touch.


I do think though that maybe? Promos should be unavailable in the beginning, because they add so much value if you get one early. Nothing will be balanced if anyone has a fourth upgraded card in the first week.

Although I myself would love the promo Harvester from my dreams :hype:

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Oh boy! Here comes a list!

For their sound files:
Sun reaver
Sun striders
Frost mage
Ashbone pyro
Veridiya (promo & non promo Which I loved having one of each on the field, keeping the ashbones alive)

For their utility& usefulness in-game
Magma Hauler
Deep one
Fathom Lord
Lost horror
Lost shade (Which always came in packs of 3;))

Spells and Structures I'll never forget
Creeping Paralysis
Curse of oink
Lava field
Home soil

Resource booster
Breeding grounds
Ice barrier
Juice tank
Shrine of war
Wheel of gifts
Monument of Mo
Construction hut
I can't remember the name of it but it used to make the screen shake, it was a four drop blue card.



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4 hours ago, Ragenarok said:

I can't remember the name of it but it used to make the screen shake, it was a four drop blue card.

Dreadnought? There's this card website anyways with all the cards if you ever forget the name of something or just want to check out the awesome cards the game has: https://cardbase.skylords.eu/Views/App.html

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Sunderer, which is the first rare card i've ever unpacked. I remember putting it in my then really bad PvP deck and doing great vs people with tutorial decks :D  

With insight, it's probably the reason i've played fire T1 for as long as i can remember.

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hart to tell which one i miss the most there just to manys but what i miss the most is the sound when u hit the rdy button and its starting to count down was so nice to hear them and hope i hear them soon again in my ingame 

as for the cards its manawing and branok

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Aside from all the dragons, I'd go for Deepcoil Worm. It was my first expensive card, and it's just such an iconic and beautiful card for the game. Really suited it well, always gives me a lot of nostalgia. Northstar and Cluster Explosion do a lot for me, too.

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