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  1. Community Member: C Staff: S C - Can I be a beta Tester? S - Hello there, and welcome, NO! C - OK, can I be a player. S - Just Wait , SOOOOON (After 1 year, still waiting :))
  2. Proto Swamp Drake
  3. guys what about tier restricted PvPs? I mean just tier 1 PvPs, we'll choose at first. Or Tier 2 is allowed, no more. Or more specific, just tier 4 units PvP, no Orb changin, just 1 time Choosing BTW, maybe dont have to mention in this topic but just got the idea I think this type of PvPs will be like minigames, so quick and fun. Not all the times, just like an event in a term.
  4. Unit: Batariel Red Building: Amii Monument Spell: Unholy Hero (using with Batariel)
  5. this problem happens bcoz of the changes in game frames. So u need to look at your pc has an onboard graphic card or not. If yes, settle it as just work with asus. On the other hand Directx could be a problem too. Maybe your graphic card has to be updated. Check it!
  6. I hope this bugs are just in site. If not in game, so no problem
  7. Giveaways will be so good about activity of game. I hope this happens, on the other hand, I think collecting points system might work as well. Daily quest system is quiet ok but need more quests to be active all the time in game. I saw this very type of games very good either phones. Creating a profill process for all members is possible I think. As an example, you are getting BFPs with daily quests and you can get more points by bigger quests. As numerous (example); Daily quest 5 BFP, but if daily quest done like 100 times, you get an extra 500 BFP (this may divide parts, 10 times --> 50 BFP and 1st Star / 50 Times --> 250 BFP and 2nd Star / 100 times 500 BFP and 3th star and profil quest is done) Winning a PVP is a quest, 10 BFP, winning 5 times gets 50 BFP Also we can think more specific thinks on this, for example Playing PVE with a "pure deck"... etc. This will show someone's profil, and if we look, we'll see how experienced the guy is There are so many examples of this pratice in game but I dont wanna give the names of games.
  8. lol, good investment !!
  9. That means if you have the ultra rare cards, your situation is better in the long run :)), bcoz in auction house you can get anything you need. So I think it would be balanced in game..
  10. We are waiting for release guys!!