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  1. If anyone has 5min spare time

    check that topic and those last links in there i need to know how fast those open up  (in general eq very friggin slow or not) so  reply or pm
    card search built based on nullpointer cardbaseapi

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ICE


      thx and honestly no hard feelings here.
      it wasnt meant as ad because i know somethings needs second look from other side of world :) and  i dont have better spot to ask help to test part of search then inside community.
      next time i just post stuff like this inside topic
      if i need secondary look.

    3. Deadman


      Yeah, when I read that first response from MrXLink, I thought that was a bit harsh, but does it deserve neg rep probably not. 

    4. ICE


      i havent given neg rep just next time i only post inside topic  to avoid things like these

  2. got bored today and card search got extra addon lol  just added single card sharing options :) its accessible when opening up info panel and even added new type how to share
    example below

    1. anonyme0273


      Nice to see you are updating it over time :) Good job

    2. ICE


      yeah will pay more attention to it after bafo is playable again right now just using spare time when im bored :)

  3. Me personaly havent seen any other what would be worth my time.
  4. now should be able to create deck just made update in server:) and dont forget ctrl+f5 to get fresh js files And while you at it if you able to make deck (how deck window looks and deck todo options ) map part (look how it feels and is it clear enough how moving between maps works ) and overall design in web i have feeling that search bar might be a bit too wide for smaller res screens i have 24 inch monitors here
  5. yeah i gotta work on that cache part to get images out asap and yes if card is choosed it runs abit inside and shows out smaller maybe should add opacity or something to make more clear why card seems small. and i put up fix for textfield in a hour need to finish some other stuff first
  6. i dont think so i think i have littl estep un controlled as this name field goes read only state after you start editing deck there is defo bug lol but overall hows it looks is those card animations and so on ok or too much lol and did you tried sorting deck out ?how that feels
  7. hm ok i will look into that deck name part as it actualy should be working can save upto 100 decks
  8. Hi again Now i deactivated web mobile version for now and started big screen ui placing (if thats done i activate both so if mobile screen it shows mobile version) some things are done but got many views to finish Uploaded better quality images too but still hasnt realy worked on optimization part atleast now it has sharing option what i figured out added 3 different ways should be enought And just to test sharing img url i put here my own most used nature cards
  9. @Phoenix313 The images are very low res, maybe to low res. Yeah because that what are in web right now is meant in android phone and for that images are rezised alot. Web optimization is done zero percent eq good quality images and caching It smostly up in web atm so everyone could see what it looks in android phone if browser viewport is made small like phone screen After saving the deck, you cant edit it further. Thats a little bit odd behavior. Deck part still half way done and right now mostly got time for search part You cant load and edit a deck or at least I didnt find out how. its coming after search is fully functional font issue i know gonna be fixed in properly finished web A order function would be nice. Thats added now (by orbs count still not work) Also it would be nice, that for example both affinitys of grinder and grinder promo would be always tied together. ? what you mean with that im lost By selection Small Offense I get also spells and buildings. should be fixed now I cant search for Amii cards (I know there is only one, but I still cant search for it) Didnt added that option just as you said only one card Same goes for Defense should be fixed now Melee Units has no results should be fixed now Same goes for ranged should be fixed now Maybe the search for promos (under rarity) would be nice At allcards you could select the Edition, maybe this isnt that necessary, because it doesnt matter anymore (one booster for all) Maybe i add it later should get first search working 100% I am missing Affinity: none (for cards of the first edition(s)) should be fixed now - An option to share your deck, maybe using a code (like allcards) or a screenshot that gets auto-copied ones you clicked it. Yeah still trying to figure what way todo that as app is purely offline but it comes for sure after deck part is fully functional (cards sorting and editing and so on ) apk you can get it there and let me know how it works on your phone
  10. Last thing i did today is to get all same thing up and running in web (Its not optimized for web yet so it can be pain to wait first page) web optimization comes later as not intended to make it so far as it is now at first. big screen design is still messed up(pc , tablets) so best experience what it looks in android as app make browser size small (page reload needed after resizing browser) anyway here is link to check it out testing ling for card search how to use long click on card in main view opens up full card info double click adds card to deck creating view you see that card counter top of page decks creating view double click removes cards from list map view map item click opens map info NB:deck part still half way done cant remove decks or cards there all responces very very welcome both good and bad
  11. Small update Now i recompiled apk for android with following changes Search now has fields Rarity, Tier, Color, Affinity, Type, Offence, Defence And shows found cards count on top of form as its fills entire view. And search is with memory so it wont forget your choices even if you close app Maps info and views added still tons todo to make it solid thing as decks part still half way done and there is still no info pages how to used it lol anyway if anyone want to test apk can mail me (android right now and app DONT ASK ANY persmissions to run) i send link to apk and few words how to work inside app
  12. Ive made one app for ios and it passed their security check easly even tho it took time and alot. Adding to stores hmm that we will see after its done in first place because i put same thing as app into web too. anyway i still have tons of things todo with app before its any good i just finished search part small update i made this morning finished search functionality
  13. havent finished it lol only did for testing out stuff but its in weekends todo list now. and if it gets finished i have possibility to make installers for android, ios, windows phone with few clicks and without recoding. framework i used is Ext JS latest release
  14. close but not exactly Im from Estonia
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