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  1. ICE

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Gl everyone
  2. it should run on any browser with javascript enabled its written in javascript (extjs framework in use there) but i will check it out as fast i can and see is my last updates has something todo with that not working part:)
  3. I hope i got that undefined issue sorted if it still stays try to switch languages and refresh it after that
  4. decks are saveable and shareable will see what i do with info popup and when i can add it its abit more work then reset button (what is already done with needs of minor fix as it still dont reset form checkboxes )
  5. that button easy to add (will do it as soon i can ) and i did some updates but probably messed up again somewhere so i try to fix it before day ends
  6. yes i still got some card info to insert and fix havent got so far as im still trying to search out all those little bugs that sometimes pop up. but if you have free time and filling to fill info send me pm i provide you acces to change cards information ok that i go fix asap give me 2 min and its ok
  7. HI all As i get some extra time again figured i take card search back into to do list too. And as some of you has been using it atleast once figured i ask did anyone saw some bugs or issues while there and if yes pls post them here so i can start making list what needs to be fixed asap Thx all
  8. ICE

    Help Wanted: Making a BFCC for BFR

    if card creator still thing in to do list i have some extra time to create one
  9. ICE

    Stream Giveaway 15/06/17

    Little Lambs
  10. ICE

    Stream Giveaway 15/06/17

  11. ICE

    Stream Giveaway 15/06/17

    #viridya NO
  12. Still working on that search during weekends couple hours a day if im not outside with fam But overall It took me about 7 workdays in hours (over pretty long period did hour one day couple hours otherday and so on ) Search has already added cards data changing feature (all card related info) but honestly i hasnt got time to go thrue all cards yet. I fixed few cards info i found were bugged. Anyway after info has been fixed(happens when i get time todo that) i continue working on some still half way undone parts on there. and lastly i check over those bugs you saw during weekend and fix them
  13. so a small update language switch and card tier select works atleast inside main search (still all share parts todo to reflect same result as search) filled abomination info so it should reflect correct info as test i add pictures here with dif tier infos base info tier 1 tier 2 tier 3 ofc im no language genius and only one i can add in there is english (maybe with some spelling mistakes) so if anyone wants to help me get main languages filled with german and russian pls pm me i send variables to translate
  14. just to let community know i took it on work for now but its atleast month or 2 before anything goes live heres a little pic how its gonna be after finish yellow icons let to choose upgrade lvls to get proper info and stats and adding 3 languages at first for texts
  15. you mean all cards info about u3 ? if so then it may happen after game is ready for public and card search gets more usage i add this feature this feature needs alot of work so people could look cards with every upgrade and so on right now most cards has basic info and info about each lvl upgrades promo cards had missing ability info but thats fixed now and all promos should have right info (hopefuly)

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