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      Donations are back   01/17/17

      If you want more information, you can go check this topic : http://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/2790-donations-are-back/
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      Future of Skylords Reborn and intro to Ardent Peak   02/10/17

      Dear Skylords, Skyladies, Skythings We have received the awesome news that we have been allowed by EA themselves to continue our project and open up many future possibilities! For all information and stream VODs, please refer to this topic:   


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  1. Hinting at an open beta @anonyme0273 ?
  2. The netherlands / Holland
  3. There are always different opinions about this subject, ofcourse. But I'm trying to make clear that micro transactions opens up alot of possibility's for in the future, like new cards / maps which increases the durability and incentives (because it's new). It's not like micro transactions make it instantly P2W, there are other ways to introduce micro transactions then the original Battleforge did. My bad if I didn't make that clear in my first reply, English isn't my main language.
  4. It shouldn't get P2W, but imo they need to introduce some kind of micro transactions, for the durability of the game (incentives to play more / longer). You should be able to buy boosters / card packs with real money, just not the indivual cards. And just note if micro transactions are in the game, it opens up so much future possibility's for this projects ( for example: more resources to make new cards, maps etc.) EDIT: Something similar to FIFA Ultimate team packs to clarify the card packs, where you can buy card packs with real money, but the cards itself with the in game currency.
  5. Totally right, imo they're fixing bugs / problems which we don't have to encounter when we can finally play c:
  6. So is everyone my friend
  7. I wouldn't mind micro transactions at all, hell I'd probably buy them whenever they're available. c: As long as it's fair to earn BFP fast as grinding for it.
  8. This would fit perfectly in the game imo. Loving the additional content
  9. @Labadoos This looks pretty darn cool, never payed LoL but this looks like it should've been in the original BF.