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  1. Not sure if it is Forest Elder or Lyrish Knight Promo, but defenitely one of them. There are some more i miss a lot: Lost Spirit Ships, Dreadcharger and Harvester Promo. I miss my whole Promo Collection I've had.
  2. @SilenceKiller99 it should be a kind of mini Juggernaut(cuz Reborn), is pretty hard to draw simple.
  3. Here is my Logo, I hope you like it 1. Logo (the real one) 2. Logo (reduced) The Colors, Size and other things are changeable of course.
  4. More about Myself okay ^^ I was a f2p BF Player, i started to play BF on release on another account :D and had everything. all Cards and all promos.. then i gave all away.. then i collected all again. then BF closed and i was Fk'd and now im here :D ( i luv to trade :> ) so now u know a bit more about me ^^
  5. i know his Name from the old BF, but i think the whole Name was in Caps Lock :P (not sure tho)
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