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  1. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Member when we all could play battle forge. Yea I member! Member you where new to pvp and hated the spell Hurricane. YEA I MEMBER! Member when nubs lose hard on bad harvest and huge wave kills you off. Yea I MEMMBER!!! Member when EA was a good company. LOL no
  2. Stream Giveaway 15/06/17

    Little Lambs
  3. Stream Giveaway 15/06/17

    Rogan Fayle
  4. Stream Giveaway 15/06/17

    "Viridya, !"
  5. Dawn of War tree come join me!

    https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011024174 add me. I'll hopefully be playing today or tomorrow or when ever. But I must say I'm live in murica so I might not be alive when you euros are up.
  6. I miss Billy Mays

    1. sylvix95


      Are you on the ball ?

  7. League of Legends

    IGN TheMeff Region NA Role Mid/Jung or everything but adc Rank Gold was Plat but demoted boring to play league alone.
  8. Graphics problems please help.

    When I have a computer problem that I can't solve. I nuke the pc. Fresh install of windows.
  9. What happened in 5 months

    Went from maybe to soon
  10. Some ideas of mine

    OK hears an idea. Only Have two currency - Bfp and gold - get rid of those hero/victory tokens n crap. Bfp - for boosters and trade Gold - for upgrades and such. Give a change to donate for a Booster that doubles your bfp and gold for however long you think is fair. (Unless thats against the agreement with EA) Have every game give a curtain amount of bfb and gold. Threw the chest or at the end. Then have campaign maps give upgrades to the cards like before. This makes them free or half off something. Id say most campaign maps take 30 or so minuets. So give 5-15 bfb (maybe scale with difficulty) some gold and a free upgrade ( or upgrades if you do a two or four player map alone. Maybe more gold if you did it alone also. Id say 10-30 bfb for an hour of game play + daily quest would be fair for bfb. Let the economy figure its self out. Random Pve and map of the day - Give level x 1 bfp. (So you cant farm level 1 quick for bfp) and more gold than campaign missions but no upgrades. Of corse scale with the level. Make this where you farm for gold like like how you had to farm for tokens. Have Map of the day give an extra reward of daily completion. Now PVP I know very little about i just played around with it never really serious. I would say it would be fun to pay in gold and if you win you take the pot.
  11. Battleforge Cinematic Video

    1:13 Can not be unseen...
  12. License question

    You keep licenses so maybe someday you can turn it into something els in the future. Its like if Square Enix sells the rights of Tomb Raider back in 2009. They would have never made the New Tomb Raider games.
  13. Official Stream Incoming! (11/02/2017)

    Better be sexy bikini Juggernaut skins!
  14. which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Nomands. Loved using the green ones in pve. They never seem to die and the red version would be fun in pvp cuz tons of damge. Also when they get a skyfire drake out nomads just pop them out of the sky.
  15. [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    Well It all started back in 2010.After finding out about StarCraft 2 release date. I had been saving some money for a graphics card. I did some research and found the XFX HD 5770. Week later and finally was in my hands. After carefully installing it and wow never gone play games at 800x600 ever again. I then released it was paired with a game call Battle Forge. Checking it out and I was stoked. RTS-Trading Card-MMO-Online action what could possibly go wrong. Well making an account and trying my code could go wrong. The code was not going redeem. So I contacted the wonderful company EA for help. Few days later they said my code was "not genuine". Then I emailed XFX and they told me to contact EA. Ow well. Ow well so I tried it out anyway. It was free to play after all and wow it was addicting. I absolutely loved the PVE campaign missions and the random pve maps. Didn't like ranked because people had op cards like root and hurricane., Then starcraft 2 came out and I lost interest for a while. But battleforge was always a game I came back to. I really got into the card trading. Feeling the challenge of being free to play I bought and sold cards on the market and traded for cards. Getting about 1000 bfb that way. Till I had bought some Lyrish Knights on the cheap. Those suckers would sell for 50+bfb. Till I tried to sell my half dozen and all of sudden the price plummet to 10 bfp. Being about 150 bfb down and a bunch of Lyrish Knights. I decided to screw free to play and bought me some points and made me some decks. A Shadow/Frost/Nature lost souls pve deck (Overlord and Rifle Cultists OP) and a lyrish knight + home soil spam pvp deck that lost me more games than won. Grind upgrades, level 10 random, maps for the upgrades and loved it. Nothing like clearing,T3 base wile your allies, are struggling on T2 camp. I hope Lost souls, map are as difficult as ever. ,Now being a noob to computers I never thought my cpu would bottleneck my gpu. So it was time to ditch my old hp and build me a new pc. Major improvement seeing the cloud shadows on the ground, the way the air ripples around the Magma Hurler, and the souls of my victims. The game was awesome all the way till the end. It was fun for the years I had with it. But EA decided to crush my hopes and dreams. Wasn't the last (SimCity). After that I always hope some fans would prop up a server and bring it back. Maybe EA was gona work on a sequal.But with the original developers being closed down. I lost hope. ,Checked every now and then for about a year. Nothing .Till a few, months ago a random recommended video was in my feed Skylords Reborn Community. Loving watching the different pvp games got me hyped again. Then decided to join the forms and here I am. Thanks Sovereign for telling about this give away. I guess I join at the perfect time. Cant wait to nasty some poor souls.