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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011024174 add me. I'll hopefully be playing today or tomorrow or when ever. But I must say I'm live in murica so I might not be alive when you euros are up.
  2. I miss Billy Mays

    1. sylvix95


      Are you on the ball ?

  3. IGN TheMeff Region NA Role Mid/Jung or everything but adc Rank Gold was Plat but demoted boring to play league alone.
  4. When I have a computer problem that I can't solve. I nuke the pc. Fresh install of windows.
  5. Nomands. Loved using the green ones in pve. They never seem to die and the red version would be fun in pvp cuz tons of damge. Also when they get a skyfire drake out nomads just pop them out of the sky.
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