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  1. NAME: Launcher Typo on language change SEVERITY: 3 (or 4... only a typo) LOCATION: Launcher, Confirmation window after changing language REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: When changing the language in the launcher the confirmation window contains a typo. Insted of "has successfully been changed" it reads "been changes". This is not related to a specific language. SCREENSHOT: attached ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If you do not want me to report stuff like this, please tell me. The typo just sprung to my eyes before even starting the game for the first time.
  2. I voted for @Lukaznid, because I really want to see that Logo in finished form. I do really like the other two entries, too, although I would prefer @PooRJoghurTs one of them, on the condition that he makes the text more readable. All in all I have to say great entries from all of them, they are a lot better than mine own, but thats not surprising since i don't even have Photoshop and suck at using graphic design programs
  3. Definitely Promo Grinder. My first non-F2P card (through referring a few friends) and simply awesome. Was the base for my beloved Stonekin Deck... Damn I really miss BF...
  4. Here is my attempt at a new Logo. I thought of using the Juggernaut as the most iconic Unit in the game in the Logo and due to the horn incorporated it into the text as the L. It could be made a bit clearer, but I'm not that good at design... The crystals of different colors are rather obvious, referencing the crystals of the Power Wells and the different Orb colors. Placement is based on the Combined Orbs: e.g. Frost + Nature = Stonekin and Frost + Shadow = Lost Souls, while Frost and Fire are Opposites. I know, Amii Phantom, but that is the exception... Sadly I'm als
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