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Hi :D

I'm Olekkrol (real name Olgierd) and I'm from Poland.

I love this game but when it's on top I'm too young to play it as long as I want. But i love it that much that I m almost failed my class because of playing it :P

Hope I can play Battleforge again :D

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Hey my name is Roland im 20 years old and from Germany, my old BF Name was "IxBladexI" and i played a lot of 2on2 with "cDKillroy".

I started BF back in 2009 and played it for some years, but i took a break as i got my Hands on CoD MW2. In 2013 i came back to BF and startet trading and buying Cards from the AH till i had every Card in the Game.

Cant wait to play BF again!

The Hype is real!

PS: Sry for my English!...

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Hello, I'm from Portugal

I enjoyed mostly PvE on maps with 4 people wich are funnier imo.

My favourite map was Bad Harvest. But then new maps came along with the new cards and Raven's End joined to my favourite map.

My favourite cards are Nature and Frost either together or not.

Can't wait to play this game once again.


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Hi I'm TulDuru from Germany and just heard about this amazing project. I played BF for a very long Time and was pretty active in PvP. I really hope this great project will succeed. I would love to see you guys ingame.

Greetings. (especially to DonProm who told me about this)

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Hey, i'm SunWu, ancient skylord who used to love BF, especially for it's PVP.

Didn't really see a chance of BF coming back until i found out about this. I wish the developers of this project the best of luck in succeeding !

My favourite decks were pure nature (played it only in PVE, it was too challenging in PVP), bandits, pure frost and pure shadow. Stonekin was alright, too...somebody told MaranV about this already ?

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Hey its WindHunter or Brooks. I'm an mechanical engineering college student

I used to commentate and hope to get back into it when this gets up and running. I played BattleForge from the Renegade expansion to its death and was an angry forum warrior. I am an avid lover of shadow decks and shadow phoenix is my favorite card.

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hey im bram
i'm from Belgium
its been a long time i played battleforge and i was prety to happy to hear that some guys are making the reborn version.
I played pure shadow and shadow nature and managed to get in top 100.
But most of the time i was playing PVE and helping other players.
well i will see you on the forge

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Hey guys,

i am "cean" and i am from germany. I was a pure nature player and did a lot of pvp 1on1 but especially 2on2. My partner was "netjer" and i think we reached top 15 at some point. I had the best time playing this game and i think the mix of collecting cards, making decks but playing an action strategy game with those is amazing and i dont get why there hasnt been an alternative to Battleforge since it has been shut down.

Its such an amazing news that there are some devs working on bringing back a possibility to play this game! I love you for that!

Looking forward to play with you guys again. Funny to see some of the names like bejingguy here :D

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Hello, I'm Mental Omega, one of the rare passionate Bandit player.

I'm currently studying software engineering (and should be studying, but im too excited to see BFR right now) and come from Austria.

I used to be the guy people call for advice when they wanted to start bandit or had any fire/shadow related questions in all kinds of pve. Sadly, I never really got into pvp and had to do my military service during BF last days, so I got no opportunity to play BF near the end :/

I'm so excited to see BF being restored to its former glory! And perhaps even more?

Either way, my faith in humanity has been restored :)

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Yes, we were a very,very rare breed indeed ^^. And I think I've only ever seen one or two who ever used Tortugun in their decks.

Well, unfortunately Bandits sucked a lot in pvp, which is the reason why I never really got into it. I tried it a couple of times but the true thing about pvp bandit is that, once you start defending you can only lose.

Many T2 bandit cards which would have been essential to pvp were bugged and we had no real aggression unit to start an offense. I am still convined that Bandit Stalker should have gained 100%/75% siege, so we it wouldn't have been necessary to use Sunderer as T2 siege unit -.-'.

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Hello everyone,

I'm from France and i'm living in Paris,
I bought the game when he was released and spend a lot of time on it, specially on his first year.
I preferred the Pvp: I mainly played 2v2 and managed with my teammate to keep almost all time in top10, And in top50 on 1v1.
I was full Nature for a long time, then I diversified my play style with Fire & Ice. (but still remain faithful to Nature !)
I was GameAdmin of BatlleForge on ESL for a year beside my studies. And now I'm Developing for living and for my pleasure. :)

See you (soon?) online ! ;)

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Welcome future Skylords!

I'm Darkroy, from Austria. BF was/is my favourite game of all time and I really miss it. My original BF-Name was "Noritherin" but I dont expect anyone to recognice me because I didnt even know about the old BF Forum so I wasnt registrated there. Anyways I was under the Top 50 PvP players for quite some time and I loved PvE as well. What I miss Most is my promo juggernaut and promo Mo. :D
I'm So very Happy that BF is going to revive again. (Dreams can come true guys!)

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