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  1. i just got in..then my game crashed without any Error Screen!??
  2. omg connected finally… wamnetd to create a new deck crashed…. rly WTF
  3. but why on first try it lets me in wwith "sucess" but then kicks me cause ist full?
  4. i will try it 1 more hour already 50 tries
  5. think it wotn work for me i can Login every time with sucess but afterwards i get no luck and my Client Always disconnects! ..:((
  6. It Always says :"Your client lost the Ccnnection to the server
  7. Is there a Chance to Play today? Or teh Servers are down?
  8. with Tier 5 and Enlightment is the best card and just op
  9. [font=Impact][size=xx-large][color=#333333]GER[/color][color=#ff3333]MANY[/color][color=#ffcc33]!!! [/color][/size][/font]
  10. [quote='WatcherOfSky' pid='1014' dateline='1434758974'] [img]http://i.imgur.com/kXtAWjD.jpg[/img] [/quote] Heroes!
  11. Promo Swampdrake was at 100k+ BFP at the end... that was way to much !
  12. Hey my name is Roland im 20 years old and from Germany, my old BF Name was "IxBladexI" and i played a lot of 2on2 with "cDKillroy". I started BF back in 2009 and played it for some years, but i took a break as i got my Hands on CoD MW2. In 2013 i came back to BF and startet trading and buying Cards from the AH till i had every Card in the Game. Cant wait to play BF again! The Hype is real! PS: Sry for my English!...
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