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  1. Are you sure about first point? Daily rewards weren't generous in old Battleforge, it was 1 BFP per day. People were doing one quick match for this reward and close the game till next day. Do we really want playerbase that plays only 1 match per day, because longer sessions doesn't offer good enough rewards? I belive that grind should be a possible way to get cards. ( I belive that you are talking here about BFP loot system, not upgrade system, since you are talking here about cards, not upgrades. Collecting all upgrades don't change anything since you still need x copies of card t
  2. Are there any plans for next giveaway?

    1. Secvndvs


      If you speak of the "open" beta, i think it will be random.

    2. Aazrl


      I am talking about invitations to current beta stage, similar as 'story' giveaway. I am hoping for more giveaways that doesn't require art skills :)

    3. anonyme0273


      There was a giveaway each month this year so far, so perhaps March won't be an exception. Can't say anything official though, because nothing was announced yet about that.

      Stay hyped for it though, I'm sure it's gonna happen... soon ;)

  3. I don't fully understand why people wants to cut out grinding bfp. More bfp for grinding players = more cards on market. Sure, grinders will end up with better decks faster, but with slow progression, it will take huge amount of time to get a booster or a card and will result empty market(for everyone, not just grinders). PvZ GW2 had interesting quest system. Each quest gave you in-game currency + multiplier for aftermatch rewards. After 5 quests, you were getting 150% rewards instead of 100%. After 10 quests - 200%. From what I remember there was about 10 quests per day and max multiplier wa
  4. Ignore videos, just download game with 7days free pass and verify if you enjoy combat. After that start reading and watching guides, there is plenty of stuff that you will have to learn before playing.
  5. Highly gear oriented, level doesn't matter that much. Player can choose any way to earn in-game currency. So actually you can grind mobs for silver. Or sit on fishing spot. Or breed horses. Or sell packages with value stuff to npc between towns. etc etc. Endgame stuff can't be reached in short amount of time. Combat is quite fun. You aren't restricted to clicking 1,3,1,2,1,3,1 spell combination. Almost all skills can be triggered with specific button combination, so you can use combination of wasd + Q/E/F/Z/X/C/SHIFT + Mouse buttons combinations, what makes whole combat more interactive. On 56
  6. I am sitting on Black Desert since a month. Plenty of stuff to do
  7. Sorry guys about 1-2 hours before the tournament, electricity has been turned down in whole discrict here.... Couldn't even leave you a message that I won't be able to join tour.
  8. Just to make sure - " 7. No legendary cards restrictions. " means that we can use 30 legendary deck or only 0 legendary decks?
  9. I feel that with single ban, perfect option would be 4 decks.
  10. New cards look fun, I will try to join and try new dragon priest or golem druid. I really hope those decks will be able to beat shaman after rotation.
  11. I enjoy possibility to choose daily quest. As well as reward for completing all daily quests.... But in the same time, I feel that creating 5 accounts and completing single daily quest on all of them would give higher reward than single account with single quest and grind (using the same amount of time as finishing 5 daily quest on 5 accounts). I would like to see some system preventing it or rewarding the Player for using only one account.
  12. Keep in mind that daily login is just a bonus, main quests appear each day. The good thing is that the player can choose between three different quests (often with different reward). So PvP player could choose only PvP quests and PvE player could choose only PvE quests. (We are talking about Pokemon TCG example ofc)
  13. I played for few hours, however, I had the same issue as with most mc mods. I didn't feel any objective to accomplish. Maybe that's why the only mod that I played for a longer time was skyfactory.
  14. It is time to ungrave the topic. I followed Shotty advices for few days. I had a bit older account, however, my collection was quite poor. After 1-2 weeks of trading packs, I finally was able to build volcanion-ex deck
  15. I guess it is time to prepare decks
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