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  1. I expected the release date to be delayed again and i think this was not the last time. However... all of this doesn't matter as you guys bring back the best game i ever played in my life. So take your time, stay honest with the community about everything related to the project and everyone will keep supporting you
  2. Hey guys, i am "cean" and i am from germany. I was a pure nature player and did a lot of pvp 1on1 but especially 2on2. My partner was "netjer" and i think we reached top 15 at some point. I had the best time playing this game and i think the mix of collecting cards, making decks but playing an action strategy game with those is amazing and i dont get why there hasnt been an alternative to Battleforge since it has been shut down. Its such an amazing news that there are some devs working on bringing back a possibility to play this game! I love you for that! Looking forward to play with
  3. Thats what i will do the next time he is online
  4. Thank you soooo much for making my dream come true! I cant wait to play 2vs2 again with my my buddy
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