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  1. So Rageflame is totally busted in pvp now?
  2. since everyone gets bfp for free, so supply is infinte and prices will inflate natutally, its just basic economics
  3. lets see if this makes it YaBro0_vs_DonProm.pmv
  4. well u dont play shadow so u wont have won anyways KEKW
  5. Hi my challonge Name differs from ign name. Challonge: Don_Promillo (TeamArschwasser) Ign: DonProm
  6. polls for suggestions are totally fine in my opinion, but they shouldn't be decisive if the change WILL actually happen. Even if 90% want a specific change per poll, admins and group of skilled player should do final decision.
  7. I played fire/frost, fire/fire, fire/nature, fire/shadow, frost/frost, frost/fire, frost/nature, shadow/nature competetively. All other decks for fun
  8. I agree with that, but you need something to objectively measure who is "good enough" and things like "he can be top wiht any deck" is far away from that. Maybe some noteworthy results in touranments should also count. Oh and relying on your argumentation you are out for the job cause fire only qq
  9. Letting the community decide what kind of "balances" should be done is actually the worst thing that could happen, because its the broad average mass who in general has no idea of the games details. Yust remember all the noobs crying for changes in the old bf forums? 99% retarded posts cause they lost last game against card xy. People who are included in serious balance discussions should be like top 1% ranked in pvp, or dependend on the size of the player base top 0.1%.
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