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  1. I think Sontekin is the best by far in 2v2 and one of the best in 1v1 but I'm biased I only play this deck. However for a top tier deck it is not popular, but I heard in lower elo you get to see it more often (to confirm).
  2. That would be a good choice.
  3. Stonekin is the hardest pure fire counter in t2 and t3 and has no problem against fire dancer, just jugger if he can get a little (like 50 energie) advantage in t2. Because the extra time you need to prepare your defense, jugger has time to stomp something. I think you should go for a standart multi-factional or a lost soul deck (2 syllables).
  4. This is ironic because cards I can handle least are cards I have access but don't use. If you gonna sing it, I'm buying you a CD for sure
  5. I made demi-god once but I was more sage consistent the day they announced the game was going to close. I had a short active time and I was a fast learner compared to most other high rank so you maybe met me when I was Legend. My username was xAragornx and I'm know for playing stonekin with no t1 and mostly 2v2.
  6. Hopefully BFR will be completely free to play so you'll be able to fully enjoy the game after forgetting your account identifications. I wish you good luck and maybe we'll face each other in pvp. I did remember some player used t4 in 2v2. Did we ever play each other in the original game?
  7. What about a season reset like many competitive game does every year?
  8. Promo mine, the skin would be a red with 90% transparancy.
  9. IGN : Ahri Inari Role : Mid/Top Region : NA Comment : Diamand V
  10. Could be viable if it get some stat buff.
  11. Please no, don't nerf rallying banner. Pure fire need this to hold a offensive pressure (low base hp for unit if they spawn with half hp) @xHighTech That's repeating me in other word. But My formule was maybe too complicate to understand.
  12. @Ultrakool Welcome to the stonekin world. And this is very good with pure fire. @xHighTech Sorry, i'm not interested in a starter deck tournament, maybe in a different tourney we may duo. Silverdragen has already a partner but the rest are free/not signed up yet. Good luck
  13. I feel everyone in the same channel will have too much video with different views. I mean sucribing will be a spam of video of any kind so as sucriber we will have to filtre ourself. I prefer personnal channel where you can follow who you like instead of the whole community.
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