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  1. Aragorn

    Best Players

    They are standard because no one made result with different deck yet
  2. Aragorn

    Best Players

    In that case we could consider many deck as different category.
  3. Aragorn

    Best Players

    What's the deck difference, was Beijingguy deck based on root over DO/shrine of memory/energie parasyte? I know Dekka was doing both on 2 different accounts.
  4. Aragorn

    PVE, PVP or BOTH ?

    I casually play pve but I prefer PVP by mcuh. What I dislike is you are forced to play pve to efficiently upgrade your pvp deck.
  5. Aragorn

    Board Rules Ingame

    It almost look like you are trying to balance Battleforge based on a different game mecanic. 4. Promo are rarety, just like a skin. They shouldn't provide any advantage. When you say speed what speed are you talking about, movement speed? attack speed? Your thread need more work.
  6. Aragorn

    hardest pvp deck

    Wait? You aren't? You even have a honorable mention here. Do you mean hard like This deck sucks I can't climp or This deck has high floor skill
  7. Aragorn

    Strongest PvP Deck?

    I think Sontekin is the best by far in 2v2 and one of the best in 1v1 but I'm biased I only play this deck. However for a top tier deck it is not popular, but I heard in lower elo you get to see it more often (to confirm).
  8. Aragorn

    LF 2vs2 Mate

    The best solution for the viewer is to watch it before then prepare an analysis, but it take a lot more work than live commantary.
  9. Aragorn

    Looking for a 2v2 Partner

    @EiriasToo much out of topic, let's talk in private.
  10. Aragorn

    Looking for a 2v2 Partner

    "if I'm crushing my opponent your support won't save him" -Then you as a single player didn't crush him, you as a team crush us as a team. Unless you mean you need 1v1 fundamental in 2v2 which is true but yea you can't remove the 2v2 part. "but If you talk like T1 is generally speaking not important (which is straight up wrong) it "triggers" me. " -The 90% trigger me as well. Meta changed I've never faced teams with a outstanding t1 not allowing me to use minimal t1 defense with best t2 in a early t1 map. " Who complained, that Razorshard isn't dodgeable? " I know right, you have literraly 4 seconde to move them away and people still complain (mostly gold and low green people). " you can cancel Treespiritattacks " -It's not lie, I just forgot after many year, my bad "gl finding your perfect teammate and enjoy your day " Thanks and you too
  11. Aragorn

    Looking for a 2v2 Partner

    @Eirias " There is a threshold where--no matter what cards the opposing team has--if you both micro perfectly, you can defend " -I don't get what you're saying, because you can't defend anything no matter what card your team have, that's why you attack. In general rule, those who attack has the edge in 1v1 and 2v2. The one attacking lead the game and the one defending has to follow and counter. The invader can play around void pool, binded energie (often in unit), and defender need better awarness than invader because he's reacting. "If we press the attack, we may or may not succeed. If we don't succeed, then they have a temporary power advantage " -If you fail an attack, ennemy doesn't necessary have advantage. He has binded power of unit where you attacked with low void pool. The one with the real advantage is the one with most total power. "pressuring them into spending power inefficiently " -You can do that in both defense and offense and don't answer me sending Harvester with heal/buff/cc to ennemy base is a defense... (very energie efficient) " That's because you can cliff . " -You can cliff in most map. Talking about cliff, spitfire on Koshan is the worse. " It was mostly just sparring grounds stuff, if I recall. We played some 2v2s, and then my partner left and I ended up meeting you in 1v1s for several games in a row, so I suggested we do 2v2s since both our partners were missing " -Oh yeah I think I remember, I had to out micro you so hard to win your mauler spam XD. " you say medium, but 2 units is 2 units " -Then don't call it small t1. Say I play a short t1.
  12. Aragorn

    Looking for a 2v2 Partner

    @Eirias What's that 4th card for Pure Fire? -Spitfire cliff is pretty strong, especially in certain map and what make it even worse is spitfire is the best anti-air while still attacking structure. Speaking of Yshia...what do you guys think about a petition to remove that map from ranked play? -I vote no, I like this map. " defense is easier in 2v2 because the defenses complement each other" -Offense is easier too so it's kinda even. " if the other team is specifically trying to defend " -Pure defense suck, 2v2 has combo to get rid of defensive play : Harvester/buff/cc (You need to pressure, supporting Harvester is too much energie efficient). Well curse, Sandstorm, Evocator, Spitfire cliff are pretty hard to defend, you must catch them. " honestly didn't even realize he had a small t1" -It's a medium sized t1 (2 unit, 3 spell, sometime 1 structure), difference is all my t1 can be carried over t2 and won't be as good in tier 1 only situation (that's why I prefer amazon over Swiftclaw). It's just people don't count spell and my structure is contextual (so they don't know I have) because spell can be carried over tier 2, just like my entire tier 1.... " Still though, I think dryad is a really powerful card in t2. Why don't you play it" -I do play it, I have no defined 2v2 and 1v1 deck. The few slot I use to mixe up are all contextual (1v1 : burrower, Agressor, mark of the keeper, canon tower, Spirit hunter) (2v2: all 1v1 + Ice tornado, dryad and more I don't remember when I'm not serious with casual partner) " he was not in a position where he needed more. " -Because I'm the support, my partner is more about microing unit and me about awarness. " Or perhaps it only seems worse because the players with good micro skills tend to play the classic way" -Microing is overated, it's a strategy game. Decision, deck building, awarness, void management are important too and I like all aspect of this RTS game and to win you have to outplay in all of them. If my stoneshard alone counter pure fire tier 2, well that's their problem to poorly built their deck of entire M unit. Also a lot of people talk about microing when they can't even dodge tree spirit and razorshard attack which I consider not hard at all (I win ditto for that reason). " But we were just messing around, because who plays twilight and stonekin together" -Yea that combinaison suck. To be honest I don't even remember we played together XD. " Also, in my experience with Aragorn in 2v2, he doesn't immediately bind 150 power. He usually waits and grabs wells " -I wait for my opponent movement to make sure I can defend. People know stonekin is better at high cost so they don't wait, and most people respect my minimal t1 defense and strong tier 2 rush. Some play around it and rush t1, sometime it work, sometime it doesn't. Drakonz was the best player to play around it, we sparred a lot too so it helped. And few played used to meet me in solo queue
  13. Aragorn

    Looking for a 2v2 Partner

    Oh boy, people get triggered so much. " Hightech's Pure Fire is way better than just rank 26" -Last time I met his pure fire account in 1v1 it was his rank (I didn't even know it was him until he say it's his smurf). I think he made higher further. "What sort of 2v2 mate are you looking for? " -I want a dedicated 2v2 main pure fire or pure bandit, a full willing to play 2v2. Hightech is a dedicated 1v1 twilight main. I accepted Eirias, as a casual partner because I know he's full willing to play 2v2 and try a lot of unconventional stuff that can lead to a lot of fun. geezzzz It's just not just about solo rank. I'm not trying to make Hightech look not worthy by declining him, I respect him and I consider him as the best player. "On 1v1 maps you can legitimatly win games by yourself " -It's a team game and have access many tool you can't by yourself, If I get the chance to hurricane multiple forsaken (especially if ability activated) I will, and my mate will trade it with a well placed eruption on my side. Hurricane into mine, Root + wildfire.... I won't bring on table what my mate can in a team game, it's about awarness and coordination. "The best 2v2 teams decide more than 90% of their games in T1." -It's from your own experience. From mine tier 1 is overated Good use > Large t1. I'm sick to hear this sentence and debating, You have your opinion, I have mine, I don't care what's optimal and right just let me play the way I enjoy the game ok? @LagOps Fire + cc > Shadow + cc. Fire provide damage, but lack of cc to make the damage optimal (ex : root + wildfire, hurricane + mine). My teamate is the one rushing tier 3, not me. What's good in my deck is the combinaison of my spell with tier 3 unit and my teamate can bring stronger unit than me. I have usually a larger t1-t2 (especially tier 2) and smaller tier 3 in 2v2. What's good with pure shadow is harvester + shrine of greed + heal/cc but opponent can play around it. Pure fire is more versatile and both tier 3 is good. In general both are egually good with my deck.
  14. Aragorn

    Looking for a 2v2 Partner

    @xHighTech If I do so you'll have to carry my t3 and get a smaller t1. Tier 3 is important in 2v2 and there is many combo to get rid of large t1 army. As a support player I have to keep enough energie for spell anytime to counter and take every little window. I can add dryad because it's a support unit but that's all. Large t1 and stonekin slow strangulation does not work in 2v2. I think you made something like level 26 as pure fire? I'd prefer a more experimented 2v2 player so I'm gonna be your rival. @LagOps I approve all you say. Bandit is just for tier 3 with stonekin.
  15. Aragorn

    Looking for 2v2 Partner(too)

    I just wanted to say I like your format of presentation, it look profesionnal

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