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Official Card Design Contest - CLOSED - Winners Reveal inside


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from the depths of the forest there is a bird of the brown prairies within the river the Death Parrot emerges, who increases the probability of casting a cure or doing critical damage to allies or enemies, the cure also affects undead enemy units, their ability The lookout serves to reveal part of the map and increase the firing range of any ranged unit that is in its range of action, but that disables it from being able to attack and receive double damage. It has an invulnerability time of 5 seconds from when it is activate the ability

long-range units cannot increase fire range.


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I CANNOT STOP! But truly, already submitted my entries, but my head just wants to keep going 🥲

Name: Possesed Fortress
Tier & Orbs: T3, Frost, Shadow and Frost/Shadow
Type: Building
Power: 175

Hit points and Size: 3195
Attack value and Type: 2400

Passive Abilities

Ghost Turrets - Every 3 seconds, 8 turrets deal 50 damage each to enemies in 5m radius, up to 75 in total. Knocks back small units. Can attack only ground troops.

Ray of Despair - Every 4 seconds, unit casts an energy lance that deals 110 damage to enemies in a 12m radius around it's target, up to 165 in total. Can only attack airborne entities.

Cadaver Walls - Possesed Fortress can collect corpses from fallen enemies every 5 seconds, storing the avaible energy. When damaged, the Fortress will use up this stored energy to heal itself, using 1:1 ratio of energy to HP. Maximum storage capacity is 750 lifepoints. Maximum healing is 150 hp every second.

Uses Stronghold model as a base.

Explanation of idea behind the card:
Well, Lost Souls buildings are mostly lackluster. Only faction defense is Lost Launcher, while on higher tiers player has to rely on pure Shadow/Frost cards. Time to change that!

Possesed Fortress provides that mid-to early late game defense, which can hold its own against both ground and air troops. It can also use the corpses to heal itself, while having only limited storage for balance purposes. Its not meant to be completely sustainable in every situation, but with perfect conditions (or some support) this building can hold the line very well.


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I know that Rainbow type cards arent allowed, but I could not resist in making this

Name: Raven Battleship
Tier & Orbs: T4 all orbs
Type: Unit
Power: 300

Hit points and Size: 4600 XL
Attack value and Type: 4300 L, ranged

Passive Abilities:

Broadside - Every 2 seconds, 4 turrets shoot independently, each dealing 90 damage to enemies in 6m radius, up to 130 total.

Slow - Slow movement in addition, if accompanied with 2 other Ravens unit will lose Slow

Might of the Fleet - If accompanied with Ravenheart, units morale will be increased there for dealing 25% more damage

Active Abilities:

Grenade Shells - Active to unleash mighty 800mm cannons. Unit will release 4 shots each shot dealing 700 damage to enemies in 14m radius up to 3700 total. Has a long range of 40m. Knocks back small and medium units. Affects only ground targets. reusable every 30 seconds. In addition if accompanied with Ravenheart the radius is increased by 10m and will also knock back large units.

Explanation of idea behind the card:

I wanted to create this card, because the only T4 ship we have is Battleship and Ravenheart. Corsair is a bit weak and there for this card would be stronger Corsair version only it would come from the infamous Raven-squad. Card has decent amount of health and attack also a pretty cool new passive which would raise morale if their Captains ship is near them, I mean they are pirates. I made it ultrarare because if its rare I think its a bit over-tuned for it.

It was created because I know there are people who would love to see Ravenheart with his fleet not to mention control the fleet.

I hope you like the idea atleast fellow Skylords!



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Every 3 seconds, unit throws out its corruptive spit dealing 120 damage to enemies in a 5m radius around its targed, up to 200 in total. Friendly units within a 25m radius regenerate 100 life points per second.

IMHO, Lost Souls is the most perfect faction ever invented in all of gaming history.

Lost Shade is my favorite card, this is the reason my 11 year old dog is named Shade. 
What's more amazing is that both the game and my dog are still alive and incredibly healthy. 

I'd like to suggest a Lost Drake, not sure what the best mechanic would be to fit the faction.

But as a lover of Lost Souls and Lost Shade more specifically, I thought of something that would give them more sustainability. Taking concepts that already exist in Lost Spirit Ship and Lost Dragon (obviously a little nerfed).

To be honest I haven't been playing as much as I'd like to, so the numbers and even the ideas might be off.

Please, I accept suggestions to improve this card, my main goal is not the rewards, but to see Lost Drake in the game.


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1 hour ago, Timatijs said:

Then whats a Rainbowcard? ;D


That would mean that it uses one of every color (Nature, Frost, Shadow, Fire), or something similiar.


Also, I promise this is the last one (for today). 

Name: Night Lynx
Tier & Orbs: T1, Shadow
Type: Unit
Power: 135
Hit points and Size: 1150 and L
Attack value and Type: 1100

Passive Abilities: Vampiric Siege - Unit does 35% extra damage against structures. Half of that damage is added to its lifepoints.

Active Abilities: Midnight Bond - 15 power - Activate to bond Night Lynx to units within target area (diameter 15 meters) for 15 seconds. During the duration, all damage sustained by the bonded units will be transferred to Night Lynx. 

Uses Forest Elder (resized to L) model as a base.

Explanation of idea behind the card:
Big cat! Night cat! Cool cat! While the kitty eats building, it can keep other unit/s alive. 





Edited by Hrdina_Imperia
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(This is the first entry of my evil twon brother: Mynoduesp, but with a mustache.)

Mock-up #3:


Timeless Slumber
Create a temporary space rift in a 20m radius up to 6 / 8 / 10 / 10 units, buildings and Wall Segments are shifted to the in-between for 15 seconds.

Entity cannot be targeted, controlled, move, attack, loses its hitbox and effects are prolonged until this effect wears off.

It's a Lost Souls-themed CC spell. For power level adjustments it can have an additional short wind-up time (like Coldsnap or more prolonged Creeping Paralysis). It can or cannot affect Amii Structures like Power Wells, Monuments and even Wall Segments. I feel like there's little to no interaction with walls. This could provide a new specific tool against walls.

Edited by Mynoduesp
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Name: Catcher
Tier & Orbs: T2, Fire/Shadow (maybe 2 neutral Orbs?)
Type: Unit
Power: 90

Active Abilities: Net Harpoon >Immobilize a unit for 10 seconds (Ground&Air) or disable a Sturcture for 10 seconds. Long Range Weapon.

Switch Abilities: Full Sails! >Disable Weapons, increase flight speed

Passive Abilities: Life Stealer (Sorry, i forgot it first)

Idea: I love Airships. We have some good heavy big Ships but we have no small Airship with. With a low Price Version of a Ship with some interesting Abilities, we have more usable Airships. More Airships, mor fun. With this, you can scout, you can immobilise, you can flee or you can just cruise fast around.

(written with the help of google translator)



Name: Swarm Drake
Tier & Orbs: T2, Fire/Nature
Type: Unit
Power: 80

Passive Abilities: Fear the Swarm! >When this Unit is surrounded by two or more Swarm Dragons, doubled the Damage. When this Unit is surrounded by for or more Swarm Dragons, tripled the Damage.

Activatable Abilities: Transformation >normal Twillight Abilitie

Idea: A flying Unit with melee Attack. Lack of Health.. Alone useless but if it comes in a swarm, it hurts. A real Swarm!! With the Melee Attack it will getting not to strong, because they get fast down.

(written with the help of google translator)


Edited by Ktaius
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Hi 🙂

I've already sent my take to Kapo on Discord but after people started sharing their ideas on here, I could'nt resist the urgue to post mine too! I honestly have no idea on how to balance a card, I just think the idea of this unit would be badass. It's kinda special from the looks, kinda like Bloodhorn, with nothing similar looking as a T4 unit to it (excapt Swiftclaws and the other medium Dinosaur units haha).



Name: Amii Revenger

Ingame model based on a resized Swiftclaw
Tier & Orbs: T4, Nature Nature Shadow Shadow
Type: Unit
Power: 260

Hit points and Size: 5820 XL
Attack value and Type: 6350, melee, XL

Passive Abilities: Elusive - 10% less effected with crowd control / Rage - longer fights, more damage
Active Abilities: Fearsome Roar - 100 Energy - Enemy Units deal 20% less damage 

Explanation of idea behind the card: I've always adored the small dinosaur units in Battleforge so I thought why not resize them for a badass Amii T4 unit? For me, Amii is the oldest fraction in Nyn, maybe they have these giant dinosaurs to protect their cities.




Edited by Palmolive
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New day, new card 🥳

Name: Napalm Launcher
Tier & Orbs: T4, Fire and 3 neutral
Type: Unit
Power: 230
Hit points and Size: 3400 and XL
Attack value and Type: 4440

Passive Abilities: Napalm Bomb - Every 4 seconds, unit hurls a ball of napalm that deals 888 damage to enemies in a 15m radius around its target, up to 1134 in total. Damaged units will also burst into flames, taking 50 damage per second for 5 seconds. Affects ground targets only. Knocks back small and medium units.

Active Abilities: Burning Skin (Toggle) - Activate to disable the units ranged attack and engulf its skin with napalm flames. It will emit a strong burn, that damages enemy units within 20m around itself for 150 damage every second. The beast will take 100 self-damage every second. 

Seething Hunger - Activate to eat an own unit, which has at least 500 lifepoints remaining. If Burning Skin is active, the remaining lifepoints will be added to this units life. If Burning Skin is off, eating a unit will place a buff on Napalm Launcher. It's next Napalm Bomb will have increased range of 60m, and will be also able to hit air units. Can be used every 10 seconds. 

Uses Necrofury model as a base.

Explanation of idea behind the card:
I think the Necrofury deserves some more derivates. This is splashable unit, with nice ranged damage, self-burning cloak for some fun shenanigans and ability to eat own units, so the Turtugun doesn't feel so alone. Using Seething Hunger with Napalm Bombs can also probably lead for some fun/cheese strategies on some maps. And I do love me some good cheese.


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Name: Lost Obelisk
Tier & Orbs: T4, 2 Shadow and 2 Frost
Type: Building
Power: 150
Hit points and Size: 4000
Attack value and Type: None

Active Abilities:

* Soul Extraction: [Power: 0] Activate to extract revenants from own lost souls units in a chosen area of 25m radius within a 200m range. Affected units that have Revenant's Doom activated will have their revenant forms forcefully spawned, but then Revenant's Doom will be removed from the unit, won't trigger anymore when the unit dies and cannot be reactivated while the unit is alive. Reusable every 20 seconds.

Passive Abilities:

* Ethereal Anchor: The life time of every friendly Lost Revenant's in the current game will run out 25% slower.

Explanation of idea behind the card:

Lost Souls needs a T4 building, this would enable strong end-game and fits the revenant theme.

On T4, your squad rarely dies, if it happens, the support spells aren't being played accordingly, as Lost Souls need them, because of units with low utility abilities, aside from Lost Dragon, but it has low attack power, you need to spawn multiple in rPvE to be effective.

If you are going pure Lost Souls you would generally play Lost Evocation (Frost affinity) for survivability, or splash some frost spells like Ward of the North or Maelstrom Storm.

Then Revenant's Doom its almost a waste to use on T4, so by adding this building, would drastically increase the burst potential, with a high-risk, high-reward situation. If you choose to use the ability, you need to micromanage the revenants life time to reach the next camp and also keep they alive.

The passive buff would stack multiplicatively with other Lost Obelisk, so the building cost is chosen thinking on that.


Edited by UltDragon
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My fellows, soon it's Christmas!


Name: Ancient Golem
Tier & Orbs: T3, 2x Nature and 1x Neutral
Type: Unit
Power: 110
Hit points and Size: 2200 and L
Attack value and Type: 2450

Passive Abilities

Slow - Unit has slow movement.
Primeval Construct - The understanding of inner workings of this primeval machine are lost to time. This unit cannot be healed nor buffed in any way. Debuffs can apply.

Active Abilities: 

Pummel - 20 power - Activate to emit a shockwave, dealing 50 damage to units and structures in 15m radius, up to 400 in total. Knocksback small, medium and large units. Only affects ground targets. Reusable every 20 seconds.

Uses Tremor model as a base.

Explanation of idea behind the card:
I like the idea of unit with pretty good stat-to-cost ratio, while having the drawback that you cannot heal it/buff it. This forces greater focus on micro and/or target management, which could be a fun way to play. And of course, Tremor deserves to have some friends 😆

anc gol.png

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Alright I also send my entry to Kapo but I also wanna share my idea so here it goes.

Name: Amii Warmonger
Tier & Orbs: T3, 1Shadow, 1Nature, 1AmiiHybrid
Type: Unit
Power: 140

Hit points and Size: 2000(without Upgrade) and Large
Attack value and Type: 2100 and L(Melee)


Passive Ability:

Elusive: The duration of the immobilizing effects of Freeze and Paralyze is reduced by 10%.


Active Abilities:

Battering Ram: Battering Ram is an active ability with a small aoe that allows the unit to charge into enemies (much like enforcer or strikers) and deals minimal damage (like extremely low) however it knocks back small, medium and large creatures (the knockback could be pretty big, like they were hit by a worldbreaker shot). The ability should be cheap like 10-20Power but with a extremely lenghty cooldown so it cant be spammed and stunlock the opponents.


Power Essence:

Power Essence is a mode switch to the unit. Activating it is permanent and cannot be changed once active, it also disables Arcane Essence. Once activated this unit gets highly resistent to melee damage (Without Upgrades 60%, U1 70%, U2 80%, U3 90%) but also recieves more damage from ranged and magical attacks (Without Upgrades 60%, U1 50%, U2 40%, U3 30%). This ability costs 60Power.

Arcane Essense:

Arcane Essence is a mode switch to the unit. Activating it is permanent and cannot be changed once active, it also disables Power Essence. Once activated this unit gets highly resistent to ranged and magical damage (Without Upgrades 60%, U1 70%, U2 80%, U3 90%) but also recieves more damage from melee attacks (Without Upgrades 60%, U1 50%, U2 40%, U3 30%). This ability costs 60Power.

This card gains more HP with every upgrade. The upgrades also changes the numbers on the Essence abilities.


Explanation of idea behind the card:

The Amii Warmonger should be based of the Abyssal Warden (Large Version) as its a model thats been rarely used so far. This unit comes with a main purpose, to be a battle initiator. Charging into enemies, scattering them and create an opening for your remaining army to strike. Just using this card for the Battering Ram makes it easy to use, but i think that more experienced players with enough map knowledge can also utilize the Essence abilities quite well. This unit was partly inspired by those Bandit Lords that you fight in the mission blight as they also had a anti magic aura. (Guess what kind of device you used to change that ;), thats right Amii). 

The abilities also represent shadow and nature quite well, with the Essences having the typical shadow quirk to it, getting stronger in one aspect but also weaker in another, and with nature you have a crowd control ability with a high cooldown as a price. Just like with many other nature cards that are either very pricey or have high cooldowns. 


The Art was created by the Art AI DALL-E 2. 

If something is not well enough explained pls tell. 

I also wanna give a quick shoutout to all of you guys who already presented their ideas. They are either absolutely amazing or so weird and strange that you still like it. Love this community so much man. Good luck to everyone! 🙂

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3 hours ago, Jolares said:

add a fast build skill to the card.

"will be constructed 0/ 15/ 30/ 50% faster"

Going for consistency around the T4 shrines, where none have this, Worldbreaker Gun even has slowed construction.

Generally, you would play this first, then play your other units, wait to gather some power to activate Revenant's Doom, then fast construction isn't really necessary.

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Well here is my Attempt at T1 Bandit cards haha..

I Introduce you the first T1 Melee Card! Desert Rats, They are a Gang of Rats (funny name) who thrive to charge at their opponents.

Name: Desert Rats
Tier & Orbs: T1 & (1) Fire Orb
Type: Unit
Power: 80

Hit points and Size: 580 S
Attack value and Type: 480 S
Spell Effect: None

Passive Abilities: Charge [The default ability that will charge at enemies, just like thugs, Vanguards etc], Life Stealer [Like all other Bandit Unit cards Lifesteal with %]
Active Abilities: None

Explanation of idea behind the card: This card is supposed to be a weaker Version of Vanguards, and serve as a T1 Unit instead.


Introducing Desert Rats!!


Balance of course can be adjusted!


Then i got the second T1 Bandit Card which is a ranged Group!

Name: Raiders
Tier & Orbs: T1 & (1) Fire Orb
Type: Unit
Power: 60

Hit points and Size: 460 S
Attack value and Type: 380 S
Spell Effect: None

Passive Abilities: Life Stealer [Like all other Bandit Unit cards Lifesteal with %]
Active Abilities: None

Explanation of idea behind the card: This card is supposed to be a weaker Version of Vanguards, and serve as a T1 Unit instead.

Introducing Raiders!


Considering them being very Basic, they share their balance with their main Life Steal ability.

As always this card can be adjusted for balance, and i belive 60 cost might have been a bit to low, maybe 75 to 80 would be better, but i like your Opinions.



Edited by BoltyGER
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3 hours ago, Dutchy said:

New day, new card idea by @Hrdina_Imperia 🥳

Wish I could keep it down to single per day 😅 But I promise,, this is the last one (for today). Have to take a break for the upcoming holidays 😄

Name: Twilight Tumor
Tier & Orbs: T4, Nature, Fire, Nature/Fire, Neutral
Type: Unit
Power: 250
Hit points and Size: 7520 and XL, flier
Attack value and Type: 3050

Passive Abilities: 

Toxic Pores - Every 4 seconds, 4 openings in the skin shoot independently. Every one deals 190 damage to enemies in a 7m radius, up to 300 in total. Affected units are also weakened by the toxic sludge and deal 30% less damage for 5 seconds.. 
Infection - Just touching the tumor can be dangerous. Any unit that attacks the Twilight Tumor will be infected for 4 seconds. If the enemy entity dies while under effect of this infection, a small Twilight Tumor will spawn from its corpse. Maximum of 4 smaller tumors can be spawned per single big one. 
Slow - Unit has slow movement.

Active Abilities: 

Transformation - as usual

Uses enlarged Magma Spore model. 

Explanation of idea behind the card:
New flier for the Twilight faction, Twilight Tumor serves as sort of 'mothership', infecting and weakening units around it, while being able to take big punishment. It's damage output is not great though for T4 and it's power cost, which means it needs to be supported in the late stages of the game. If used properly, nice number of smaller tumors can be ammased, which can serve as a meatshield/extra dps for the main units. 


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Name: Magma Phoenix
Tier & Orbs: T3, Fire Fire Neutral
Type: Unit
Power: 100

Hit points and Size: 700 plus L
Attack value and Type: 3500 plus ranged and special-counter

Passive Abilities:
* Fiery Dive: Unit starts a powerful and quick suicidal attack that deals 1000 damage to enemies in a 25m radius around its target, up to 3500 in total. Unit dies during the attack. Knocks back small and medium units. Affects ground targets only. Deals half the damage against buildings. Has a 6 seconds cool-down after the card was played out.
* Swift: Swift: Moves at high speed.

Explanation of idea behind the card:
You would need 2 phoenix to kill 1 Vulcan or 1 Virtuoso if they are alone, but with 2 phoenix you could kill up to 3 Vulcan / Virtuoso, so high risk, high reward.
And why no reincarnation? Swift will increase the survival rate when going for a target, compared to Shadow Phoenix.
The dive animation should also be a little faster than Shadow Phoenix.
The half damage to buildings is necessary, otherwise you could bomb other players wells and orbs easily.


Edited by UltDragon
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Let's bring in some Christmas magma hurlers 🥳

Name: Ice Thrower
Tier & Orbs: T3, 3x Frost
Type: Unit
Power: 150
Hit points and Size: 1575 and L
Attack value and Type: 2200

Passive Abilities: 

Sharp Ice - Every 4 seconds, unit throws a ball of sharpened ice, dealing 440 damage to target, and up to 660 in total in radius of 10m. It can ignore the usual damage reduction on frozen targets. 
Winterbringer - Units attacked by Ice Thrower will be frozen for 5 seconds. Can occur only once every 20 seconds on single target. If Ice Thrower is under the effect of an Ice Shield, its attack will also make frozen units have their freeze state elongated by 5 more seconds. Occurs only once every 20 seconds. After the freeze wears off, the enemy target will have period of immunity from this effect. 
Siege - Deals 50% more damage to structures. 

Uses Magma Hurler model. 

Explanation of idea behind the card:
What can I say, another brother to the Hurler family. It allows nice synergy with the signature freezing ability of Frost, while also providing another 'archer' for Frost T3. 

Ice Thrower.png

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(This is the second entry of my evil twin brother: Mynoduesp, but with a mustache.)

Mock-up #4:


Dazing Fog
Engulves the ground in an opaque fog in a 25m radius for 30 seconds. Enemy units that stay in the fog for 3 seconds are suppressed. The effect will last on for another 5 seconds after leaving the fog. Does not affect flying units.

Entity is disarmed, blinded and scilenced (+ CC visual effect). 


soon ™️

Edited by Mynoduesp
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Mock-up #1:
Name: Shadow Arrow
Tier & Orbs: T3, 2 Shadow & 1 Neutral 
Type: Spell
Power: 80
Spell Effect:
Sacrifices a own unit to create a shadow arrow with a 20m range and dealing
8 times their power cost up to 2000 dmg in total. Reuseable every 20 seconds

- I miss a more precise soulsplatter 
- I think this spell should be T3 because in PvP it could be very OP (I dont play PvP but could well imagine it)
- I could imagine an affinity with bullet impact and with energy refund on enemy unit death

Shadow Arrow Card.png

Mock-up #2:
Name: Eclipse
Tier & Orbs: T4, 2 Shadow & 2 Fire
Type: Spell
Power: 350
Spell Effect: Darkness
All enemy units in the game are restricted in their vision radius for 30 seconds.They can only see 5m away and take 15% more damage.
Buildings are not affected by this effect. Has a 60 second cooldown.

- I could visually imagine a change in brightness for the whole map

Eclipse Card.png

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