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    Lost Souls: Specially Lost Shades, Lost Dragons and Lost Drakes: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1460-lost-drake-a-lost-souls-2-orbs-dragon/

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  1. Every 3 seconds, unit throws out its corruptive spit dealing 120 damage to enemies in a 5m radius around its targed, up to 200 in total. Friendly units within a 25m radius regenerate 100 life points per second. IMHO, Lost Souls is the most perfect faction ever invented in all of gaming history. Lost Shade is my favorite card, this is the reason my 11 year old dog is named Shade. What's more amazing is that both the game and my dog are still alive and incredibly healthy. I'd like to suggest a Lost Drake, not sure what the best mechanic would be to fit the faction. But as
  2. Awesome, I am looking forward to seeing Lost Souls get a Promo too
  3. Do we already have access to the Forge?
  4. So hyped for Lost Souls and Promo Mo.
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