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CCC #5 - Prophecy, Prophecy, PROPHECYYY! - UNTIL 28.05.2022

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Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings; and welcome to CCC #5 – the fifth Crappy Community Contest!



To see the winners, CLICK HERE. If you are just here to grab the booster code, there you go:  PROP-HECY-PROP-HECY



What are “Crappy Community Contests”?

This and future CCC's are meant to be small-scale contests with weird challenges, hopefully luring you away from well-trodden paths. They are small-scale on the organizers side too: there will be no stream, video or event announcing the winners. What's special about these contests is a participation price for the whole community.


What, when, where, how?

While the last CCC was about prevailing under harsh conditions, this one will be the exact opposite:

Prophecy, Prophecy, PROPHECYYY!

Mo has been chosen by the gods. All the forces of Nyn want him to become the new King
of the Fire Tribes - it falls upon you to fulfill the PROPHECY as fast as you can! 

This challenge is to win the Custom 1-player-map “CCC #5 - PROPHECY!”
on Expert difficulty as fast as you can.

This custom map is a copy of the campaign map Oracle, with two “small” changes:

  • You will have access to 16 Orbs (4 of each color) right from the start
  • The gods have also granted you 10,000 additional energy

As you can see, for this challenge your wildest deck building dreams have come true; you may combine any cards you want! The fastest Skylord will win this challenge, in the unlikely case of a tie, the run that has been submitted earlier gets the higher placement in the ranks. 

The contest has started with the release of this post – submit your entry through Discord (DM to Kapo#0116) or the Skylords Forum (DM to @Kapo) until 28.05.2022 23:59 CET  (= 7 days time total). You can submit multiple times, but only the fastest will count. Please note that the Top 3 Replays will be posted here in the forums. To reduce my workload, you may rename your file to CCC5_Time_<IGN>.pmv (e.g. CCC5_15.53.9_Kapo.pmv).

Battleforge automatically saves a replay file of every match you play, the last game is named autosave.pmv.  You can find your replays here: Documents => Battleforge => replays


Community Maps

How to access the map:


To access the map for the contest (or any community map), select the blue icon in the far lower right corner:


Select expert difficulty, then scroll down to “CCC 5 - PROPHECY! (1 Player)” and click continue. The map will download automatically. After the map has downloaded, you will find it in the top section of already downloaded maps.




Basic Expert Help



If you never did Oracle on Expert or have trouble remembering how it's done, @KserSke made a video with a walkthrough:

Also, feel free to ask more experienced players, they are usually very happy to guide you through the map and give you deck-building advice! If you have a hard time, you can join the Skylords Mentoring Program Discord server here: https://discord.gg/MjKFruAe4j



What's the price pool?

Since this is not just a Crappy Contest, but a Crappy Community Contest, you may help with your participation to earn a price for the whole Community. If we reach more than 20 participants (unique players, not entries), we will unlock a Mini-Booster code for the entire Skylords Community. If more than 30 participants enter, the code will be upgraded to a Booster instead of a Mini-Booster. So tell your fellow Skylords to try this challenge – it may take some time, but it's an occasion to try something completely new, and it raises our chances to hand out a code for everybody. 

Of course, the fastest Skylords will get prices too, sponsored by myself, the Community and the Skylords Reborn Team:

1st place               5 Fire Boosters + Promo Swamp Drake
2nd place              4 Fire Boosters + Promo Rogan Kayle
3rd place              3 Fire Boosters + Promo Lyrish Knight
4th place              2 Fire Boosters + Mo
5th place              1 Fire Booster + Mo
6th place              Wheel of Gifts
7th place              Spitfire
8th place              Core Dredge (B)
9th place              Church of Negation
10th place            Cluster Explosion (P)

Last place              Juice Tank (x4)

For participation, there is a random chance to win one of the following cards:

Random Draws          5x1 Fire Booster, 3x1 General Booster, Forest Elder (G), Dreadnought, Firedancer, Harvester, Amii Monument, Enlightenment



If one or more mighty Skylord(s) decides to sponsor this event, please contact me. I would be more than happy to beef up or expand the prize pool, add additional random draws, or any other upgrades to the prize pool. 

The following prices have been sponsored so far:

Skylords Team        Fire Boosters (x20), Community Booster Code
@Kapo                Promo Swamp Drake, Promo Rogan Kayle, Promo Lyrish Knight
@Simplifying        Firedancer, Harvester, Mo (x2), Core Dredge (P), Church of Negation, Cluster Explosion (P), Spitfire
@Donaar             Dreadnought, Juice Tank (x4)
Anonymous            Forest Elder (G), Wheel of Gifts
@wanky              Amii Monument
@Doomdragons    General Booster (x3)
@Kemek              Enlightenment

* Simplifying, a player who stopped playing, also donated his complete account. This is the third contest his collection is sponsoring - he expressed how nice the community is, and he wanted to give something back through the CCC.


Special thanks and Conclusion

My very special thanks goes out to @CrazyCockerell, @Emmaerzeh and @LEBOVIN who all helped me to get this contest idea going - as it turns out, it isn't really easy to rework a campaign map into a custom map without breaking lots of stuff.

I hope you are having fun with limitless deck possibilities and loads of energy!

Good luck, give those Bandits a dose of Skylords Wrath they have never seen!



Future Events - get involved!

If you are interested in helping with these (or better) kinds of events for the community, or want to host one yourself, don't be afraid and simply reach out! Contact our beloved Event Managers @Minashigo Hiko and/or @Metagross31 on the forums or discord. They are happy to assist you with upcoming events and with sponsoring your prize pool!

If you especially like this small-scale-format, and you have an idea for it, you may also contact me directly to discuss your idea and host your own Crappy Community Contest.


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"Prophecy! Prophecy! Prophecy!" I felt it coming ever since last event (actually, I didn't)!

"This is proof the oracle has returned!" 🙂


I haven't given event a try but already feeling a little intimidated. Still, definitely going to give it a couple shots if only for (and shot of community mini booster upgrade):

On 5/19/2022 at 12:38 PM, Kapo said:

wildest deck building dreams have come true


This should be fun!

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Hello again Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings; it's time to announce the winners!  

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for making the Crappy Community Contest #5 happen – no matter in what way: participation, sponsoring prizes, spreading the word or helping me to organize it. 

In total, we reached a total number of 69 participants – thanks to the Skylords Team for sponsoring the code: PROP-HECY-PROP-HECY

Here are the fastest prophets of the CCC #5:

1st place         Wanky           06:59
2nd place        Donaar          07:11
3rd place        Trando           07:13
4th place         Arabika          07:14
5th place         Hauclir           07:51
6th place         Lebovin          08:02
7th place         Brand             08:17
8th place         SylarXII           08:25
9th place         Amperium      08:32
10th place       Bini_Inibitor     08:39

I wonder if Mo will embrace his new destiny.

Congratulations to the winners! If you are interested, see below for the top 3 replays and some information about how the fastest times were achieved.

Winners of the Random Draws:

Draw 1      Forest Elder (G)     Lbcho
Draw 2      Dreadnought        Ragenarok
Draw 3      Firedancer            LEBOVIN
Draw 4      Harvester             Cheyan
Draw 5      Amii Monument    NightRider
Draw 6      Enlightenment      F10

Draws 7-11, one Fire Booster each: TheAquanix, Ulloo, Doomdragons, TKHHunt, Metagross31

Draws 12-14, one General Booster each: Kociula, Little_Ducky, Maert

I will send you all prizes as soon as possible through in-game mail. 

Total list of achieved times

In case you want to know how you stacked up, here is the total list of submitted times:



Special Feature: A work of art



On many of the contests there have been some special entries, like on CCC #1 where two Skylords did voluntarily use only Towers, or CCC #4 where the worst possible score was 59 points and two Skylords did the worst score on purpose. This time I also received a very special entry with a time of almost 2 hours with lots of attention to detail, featuring Superpig as the sole hero making the prophecy come to pass:


If you don't want to look at the full replay, I made a gallery with screenshots of his heroic adventure: <CLICK HERE>

If you want to see for yourself, here is the complete replay: CCC5_01.58.04.3_Carofex.pmv

Thanks to @Carofex for this enjoyable replay, well deserving the last place and the four juice tanks that go along with it!


Replays and how it was won

CCC5_06.59_Wanky.pmv CCC5_07.11_Donaar.pmv CCC5_07.13_Trando.pmv


One major component of a superfast run is to know how to one-hit Umbabwe. By killing him instantly, you are able to skip some part of the later dialogue (pronouncing Mo as the King etc.). Many well-known methods of this can achieve the needed damage, like stacking of Mutating Maniacs Deathwish ability, Necrofurys Bone Shards or even Worldbreaker Gruns combined with Fallen Skyelfs. On the screenshow you can see a Mutating Maniac in the oracle area already stacking the ability, with a Dreadnought absorbing the bulk of the damage the Maniac gets from the ability.


But there is one thing that can make a very fast run into a winning run: Betting on the best possible stone camp positions and just restarting the map over and over again until the Gods of Randomness join in with the prophecy. Sending all your units in the hopefully right direction shaves off some serious time. From speaking to some speedrunners, there is an estimate that the best possible combination (see picture of the upscaled minimap) should appear about once per hour - but in the end, how many chances you get to make the "perfect run" depends on your luck:



In conclusion

I was already super-hyped for this contest because of the generous donations that came in even before the contest started (and nobody knew what it was about) - thanks so much for your trust to those generous sponsors: @Simplifying, @Donaar, @wanky, @Doomdragons, @Kemek, the anonymous donor, and of course as always, the Skylords Reborn Team. Also, again I'd like to thank @CrazyCockerell, @Emmaerzeh and @LEBOVIN for helping/making the map - without this support such contests wouldn't be possible.

The target for CCC#5 was to hit the mark more closely what we are used to: a fun challenge, but at the same time something worthwhile for a more hardcore approach. I'm always impressed by the dedication of our speedrunners. I blame EA for all those stuck wagons some of them had to endure.

If you have a crappy idea for future CCC's you may share and discuss that with me, maybe I host your idea, or you can host your own Crappy Contest! Feel free to contact me anytime. If you want to discuss or host a non-crappy contest, contact our Event Managers @Minashigo Hiko and/or @Metagross31. They are super supportive and will help you to organize your event!



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