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Official 4p rPvE Contest#1 The Bandit Hunt - Difficulty 9 - UNTIL 25.10.2021

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Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings.

Welcome to the first official rPvE event!
We hope you will have a lot of fun with this event!
logo_for_events (1).png

What kind of event will it be?

rPvE/Battlegrounds 4player - Map of the Month - Difficulty 9

Join us in an invasion against the bandit camps that endangers the human realm.
fast, be quick and do not forget the gold!
We are weakened and limited, gather together fellow skylords!
The old Amii structure can
not help us in this conquest.

In order to defeat our enemies quickly, Volin will be happy to provide you with strategic advice.

When will it start?

We will be accepting entries starting 11.10.2021 00:00 CET.

The event will run for approximately 2 weeks, so you have time until the beginning of the last week of October.
To be specific: 
25.10.2021 23:59 CET.
You can send your replays through DM to Volin on Discord (Volin#8101) or through a PM to him on the forum.

Stream, when?

We will stream the Event conclusion on Saturday, the 6th of November Sunday, the 7th of November 13:00 CET on the official Skylords channel via Twitch.

How can I participate?

You just have to send in your fastest replay, including the player names. [Note: Your entry has to be a victory]
For example: "
Hiko, Majora, Volin, Toggy"

Please note: You are allowed to send in different replays, but only the fastest one will count. This means that if you compete with multiple teams, the one that reached the best time will also be your personal best time.

You can find your replays here: Documents=>Battleforge=>replays

What are the rules?


  1. The team with the fastest time wins.
  2. Only mono color decks (colorless cards are allowed).
  3. Every team member has to play with a different color.
  4. Collect all gold chests.
  5. No Amii monument.
  6. Only Map of the Month.
  7. Have fun!



Sounds fun! What's the prize pool?

The following prize pool will be adjusted according to the amount of participants.
The prices are
per person. If you compete with multiple teams, only your highest place will be rewarded:


1st place               10 general Booster packs

2nd place              9 general Booster packs

3rd place               8 general Booster packs

4th place               7 general Booster packs

5th-8th place        6 general Booster packs

9th place               4 general Booster packs

10th place             3 general Booster pack

11th-12th place    2 general Booster pack

13th-15th place    1 general Booster pack


In conclusion

This event focuses on your speed and teamwork on this rPvE map.

To summarize the event in simple steps:

  1. Look for a team. You can either do this below this topic, on Discord or Ingame.
  2. Scout the map.
  3. Decide who plays which color and which position.
  4. Run the Map.
  5. Collect all gold chests.
  6. Satisfied? Send the replay to Volin! (Volin#8101 on Discord) or PM your best replay to him (in the forum).


Future events

If you are interested in helping with these kind of events for the community, or want to host one yourself, don't be afraid and simply reach out!
Send me a PM on the forum, or direct message via 
Discord (Minashigo Hiko#1126).
We are happy to assist you with upcoming events and with sponsoring your prize pool!

We hope you have a lot of fun with this event. We are looking forward to seeing all your replays!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,
Skylords Reborn Team and Volin


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I want you all to friendly remind - please share me the replays in the following scheme:


I have prolly more then a hundred hours of work with this contest and if you take yourself these minute I would be very glad! 🙂

Thank you soo much for the overwhelming feedback and I am looking forward to get more questions and replays! Spam me! 🙂





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Hello Skyfolks,

again me with an update.

We have been struggling with the question of whether to publish an interim score and how to publish it - as in every of this events. Many people give me the feedback, that I can feel, that they would like to know where are they standing.
Others of course want to polish their times first, or need to find the time to do so in a 4 player group, we understand this too.

We are also aware that such a ranking can be motivating as well as demotivating - we hope it can push you again - so here we are:

There are already 12 submissions and a lot of people have still announced to send one. Here are the, anonymous, times of the top 3 as well as the currently 8th place.

1st   10:57 min

2nd  10:57 min

3rd   12:04 min


8th  14:06 min

Yes, this is no copy and paste error, we have two submissions within the same second!

To further increase your motivation to participate, we have decided that the prize pool will be expanded if we get beyond the 16 entries! Then there will be a
booster per person for the places from the 9th to the teams that are in the top 50%.
If we even crack the 30, we can possibly talk about even more boosters, so
send me your replays!

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Hey all!

The contest is over and the participation was overwhelming - I thank you all for that. Love you folks

All in all I got 33 replays, of which 24 where valid (3 double/6 invalid because of not opened chests).

70 unique Players participated, that where more then in any other official contest so far (no guarantee on that).

The Players with the most runs where:

Paxvobiscum with 5 entries

Damo with 4 entries
and Subnnobs, Malolo, Taylor, AntonWsh and Janjua each with 3 entries

I thank you very much for your replays. We will look out for the hot scenes and present you the highlight in the Stream on the 07.11.2021. Of course we will present you a full ranking then and hope for your patience until then! Keep the :hypetrain: up!

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