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  1. You can have 1 squad of Silverwind Lancers and have them hold position near the orb. The knockdown will split them apart, but since they're holding position they won't get back together, so they no longer get hit by the aoe extra damage. You can then ignore all of that since the squad will easily survive until Moon shows up without the need for any heals. You can then use the lancers at the end to get the final orb if you're going for a dragonkin clear without ground presence and you haven't got it already. Also, for the beginning, my favorite way of doing it is by grabbing the 2 power we
  2. Also it would be really nice if you could edit the description of the replays you uploaded. Although I guess that would require a lot of additional steps to attach replays to people. Great job so far, though! Hopefully more people share their replays, especially informative ones like expert PvE clears, fast rPvE clears, and PvP of course An auto-uploader tool would be really useful to make adding replays more convenient. Something simple that scans the replay folder for any new replays since last checked, maybe at the end of a game session, or triggered manually. When it finds
  3. Oh cool that's good to know. I just finished it today after getting enough gold for U2. The upgrade also helped with Oracle... grabbing the horn bandits with basically melee range was a bit inconsistent heh. That makes it every expert solo map. Other than Night Guards the only cards I upgraded were Forsaken and Windweavers (for a more consistent start) and Giant Wyrm (for a faster close). Still, all solo maps can be done on expert without any upgrades and spending less than one daily boost worth of BFP on new cards. The harder maps take about 45 minutes at a medium pace and the easier one
  4. Hey. I just started playing a couple of days ago and delved straight into Expert levels. It seems redundant to do them on standard when you can do them on expert straight away. Made it up to Ocean thus far, but skipped Behind Enemy Lines due to not having an upgraded Nightguard and any other strat doesn't seem viable without upgraded units. For context, I played Battleforge about 10 years ago and have some high level RTS experience, but I'd say this is doable for a new player as well if they're willing to restart a few (many) times while learning. Now for feedback... for any scenario
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