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  1. I tried the run out. Is this the right place to post the replay file? If so, the file is in the attachments. CMC4_25m40s_constructor.pmv
  2. I have a really easy strategy for Mo. It is kinda slow (30 min for the map), but you really can't fail it at all. The very easy variant requires amii monument (or enlightment if you have even more patience), which is quite expensive. Also, for the sake of speed, you should think of a method to heal Mo quickly at t3 and below. Shamans + power well were enough for me; wheel of gifts and equilibrium (b) were used at t3 (regrowth can also be used early when going for amii monument). I think it is also very possible without any expensive cards with more patience. Again, the replay is in the a
  3. As you wrote that you are not happy with the Soultree description, you can replace it by this. The replay is also provided in the attachments. Note that this was my first try so I make some mistakes. The text below contains some improvements over the replay. This strategy requires resource booster and stone of torment. Shamans are helpful to heal the unit which will take hits from Viridia. I had a lot of void power (>600), so anything which can empty void is recommended (shrine of memories, cultist master+furnace of flesh etc.). When you gain control, put all Lyrish squads on the wal
  4. I did Defending hope first try with the following cards. Windweaves, shaman, retreating circle, breeding grounds, living tower, both affinity root nexus, hammerfall, deepcoil worm, curse of oink, any healing spell (just in case), juice tank (can do without if buying wells outside base) and wheel of gifts (can probably do without). First I send a windweaver to either side. While clearing the first enemies, I buy the wells. After that I build the walls, buy 1 monument and build a breeding grounds. When this is finished, I summon 2 windweaver squats and 1 shaman for each wall. This is e
  5. Very easy and I think even cheap (in bfp) strategy for Slave Master provided through the attached replay file. Here, we even messed some small parts up a bit, such as the start and me going for 2nd slave camp before getting t4 for my mate. We did use some expensive cards, but none were vital for the strategy. Construct and ensnaring roots were the only "expensive" cards which the defense relied upon. I like to use grimvine or colossus to go through the fire trap, but Mo can be used, especially with the charge (break wall beforehand and start charge just before going into the fire). The gener
  6. The strategy for Raven's End is very easy (because it is one of the easiest expert maps) and might be nice to put up as it rewards a legendary card. Conquering the middle lane first should be no problem and any deck can do it (maybe give some tips like having knockback resistant units for the enemy fire stalkers). Then move the shield so it blocks the center camp (on the bottom) from reaching T1. Prepare for an attack from an Ravenheart. It can be killed this first attack by using oink/freeze and a strong enough force, but if it flees at 50% health it is also fine, as killing it later is
  7. My buddy and I tried the community "awakening" a few times and we always crash after defeating the sky elves that spawn after getting the second monument. Do others have the same issue on this map? If so, it might be wise to disable the map for now (remove it from selection), as it takes a long time to reach this point and it is frustrating it keeps crashing there. I do not have a replay, as I forgot to save it before playing another map. However, if the bug can't be consistently reproduced by just playing the map, it won't be necessary to disable the map, as we just might have g
  8. Thanks for the resources. I'll just try to learn one of them and write a guide myself.
  9. I've been watching some speedruns lately and wanted to try some myself. The only problem is, there are no guides online. I don't mind figuring some things out myself, but some things I just simply can't figure out watching a video alone. Are there any guides which I might not have found? Or is anyone interested in writing his/her knowledge down?
  10. Sorry, the replay is already lost. When Mo gets stuck there, you can't gain control over him though.
  11. There is a bug where Mo will get stuck while pathing to the last objective. For me, he got stuck in the middle human fort (to the left of the red lord). When this happened, it became impossible to charge the 4 crystals. It is vaguely described on this wiki page. https://battleforge.fandom.com/wiki/Map:Empire#Bug_Warning
  12. Sorry if necropost, but people need to know this. Had to give up as well today because of this... https://battleforge.fandom.com/wiki/Map:Empire#Bug_Warning
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