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  1. Sorry out of town for a while. I will have to try when I get back.
  2. We are stuck on this mission. We get to the end but have no way to kill the red boss. It says to light the charge crystals but have no idea how or where to do this.
  3. So, I have done 3 rPVE missions today and no disconnects. I have tried 2 story missions both got disconnected. This is all with Valorant anti-cheat off and then a reboot. _log_proxy_latest.log
  4. Happened again, but it took a long time. I did one rPVE (no problem). Then, a 4P mission and it froze then disconnected at the end. Valorant turned off.
  5. Yes, I do play Valorant. I will try it without a little later today. Thank you
  6. I can answer for him, we were playing together. It was a rPVE. But, it worked the day before on rPVE. It was after the latest patch.
  7. Just got another "lost connection" But, it does seem to take longer. So, i get these pauses in game. Not a big deal, the game catches up and no disconnect. This happens on my old gaming PC (wifi) without disconnects. My new gaming PC gets these a little more now (maybe the tolerance has changed), but I still just got a disconnect. I hope this helps. _log_proxy_latest.log
  8. Just disconnected again :-( I did install it on an older gaming PC (Wifi but same network) and I haven't had it disconnect on that one. I might try main PC on wifi. _log_proxy_latest.log
  9. Here is a new lost connection error log file. _log_proxy_latest.log
  10. This one actually froze at the completion of the mission _log_proxy_latest.log
  11. Got it to freeze again. Seems to be related to the marketplace, but not sure. _log_proxy_latest.log
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