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  1. Just wanted to share this video of upcoming strategy games list for 2019/2020, where Skylords Reborn is mentioned at the and among the remastered games
  2. Fairbuy

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    When i was 12 years old my uncle told me about a new game that he had heard about at work (he works at DICE so they work a lot with EA). My dad helped me make an account and i tried playing it. I had played games like Red alert 2 and Command & Conquer Generals before so i knew how to play RTS games fairly well, atleast in pve. I really did enjoy the first campaign maps so i told my two best friends about this game and they gave it a try. We played this game every day after school, and every weekend, for several months, probably even a year. At that time we had all gotten nice cards (but we wanted better cards ofcourse ) and we had cleared everything on the campaign map except for one that we never managed to get a good enough 3rd teammate for to win. I think the map was called something about dwarves. At that time one of my friends dropped out because he got bored of no new content, but he came back on now and then to play with us. My other friend and i kept playing for maybe one more year, mostly grinding Bad harvest because that was our favorite map for some reason. But even we got bored after a while because EA never relased any new maps... We stopped palying but we all always had Battleforge installed on our computers, so we would always log in now and then to check ifthere was any new content, but since EA only seemed to care about making money they didn't add anything to it, but i think most people stopped palying it because they didn't add any new content. Once we heard that they were going to close the servers down we just felt angry at EA, they dare close our favorite game down because of their lazyness? -_-* I'm not sure when i found out about this project, but for some reason i really felt like playing Battleforge again and started googling for it and ofcourse there was a lot of links about this project. I joined your facebook group and started following your youtube channel. I ofcourse told my friends about it, and i've also sent the trailer to most of the people in my steam friend's list. I have been watching most of the videos you've put out and i just can't wait for this project to be released again. I can't wait to feel the nostalgia of logging in to the epic musi (again) and fighting through all those campaign maps (again) and try to collect my favorite cards to my fire deck (again).

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