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  1. The site has not been updating anything but current price of cards since over 3 weeks ago.
  2. Not related to inflating prices, SMJ graphs stopped updating on March 6th, along with median, mean... Only current price is displayed correctly, looks like nobody reported this. Back on topic, limiting auction amount per card might help.
  3. 10:27 - game lags for ~10 ingame seconds (but can sometiems last ~20s), actual lag time during gameplay felt shorter, Bozzah confirmed it happened to him as well. 2 Maelstroms were used at 10:21 and 10:23, at Urzach camp I was attacking, looks like it starts at the moment a Twilight Treefiend and Hag die at that camp. Reproducible in replay 9 out of 10 times, on 2 occasions did not happen after restarting replay, once it did. Also attached process explorer usage of CPU and GPU, red line marks the start and green the end time of freeze, it was 20 ingame seconds that time. 20220302_215559_GeneratedMap.pmv
  4. Attacking a shielded unit will not trigger waves from nearby camps, only when a unit loses hp will the waves start coming. Not sure if this is always the case, attacking buildings other than spawner doesn't trigger waves.
  5. Sylar

    Old Replays

    I also thought that was the case but did not bother to check the diference between current replay and a patched one in hexedit until now. Antipatch swaps FF (in case of previous patch) with 00, but it also need to change the next 00 to 01, for the next patch it will probably be 02.
  6. Sylar

    Old Replays

    The thing is, until 2 weeks ago, we could use antipatch and play any old replay (or at least start them), but now the game does not properly recognize those replays anymore after patching, neither the kind of match nor it's duration are shown. Could it have something to do with game version that went from FF (255) to 00 (0)?
  7. Since I see you added 4p rPvE 9 to rankings, here is my solo map of the month difficulty 9 best time, from last month.
  8. Lost Launcher red - Infused Rage ability says "Unit does increasingly more damage...". Replace word "unit" with "building".
  9. ^Frenetic Assault. Nature/green affinity can be used on buildings, shadow/purple affinity deals damage to units other than the one it is used on. About the other part, there are 2 one orb units in that deck, then there is Gladiatrix which is T2. Blaster canon is there because it is best for taking out flying units in early camps, if there are any at t3 it can be used to deal with those as well.
  10. I have already joined, shhh, don't tell the developers Wonder if a certain person would still use only capital letters hehe.
  11. @Treim It was a custom map, and I might have not even played that one considering the time of my next screenshot and it's content. Oh, forgot to add that I never used soul splicer while it was bugged, it was not fixed when I achieved 11:58.6 1p motm but I used Silverwind Lancers for void control.
  12. @Treim I checked some screenshots, only found a deck with thugs from the end of April, used in a pvp game and in ptd feed deck, both played with you
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