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  1. Sylar

    What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    I had maybe 6, not sure.
  2. I have already joined, shhh, don't tell the developers Wonder if a certain person would still use only capital letters hehe.
  3. Sylar

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    @Treim It was a custom map, and I might have not even played that one considering the time of my next screenshot and it's content. Oh, forgot to add that I never used soul splicer while it was bugged, it was not fixed when I achieved 11:58.6 1p motm but I used Silverwind Lancers for void control.
  4. Sylar

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    @Treim I checked some screenshots, only found a deck with thugs from the end of April, used in a pvp game and in ptd feed deck, both played with you
  5. Sylar

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    @Treim The fastest time is on the first page of this thread, that is from May 2011. This is a screenshot of March rankings. I will try to find find which one it is by using the replay analysis tool since I didn't add additional description to a lot of my best replays/winning mots/whatnot. Also, just did a search, I have over 3.8k .pmv files
  6. Sylar

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    You had to see me coming after removing my time When was the last patch that changed cards hmm... Is that why you removed older stuff? I found some screenshots of February and March 1p motm rankings which were both faster than that one from May.
  7. Sylar

    Official Stream Incoming! (11/02/2017)

    ^ Serbia, but last time I barely slept, had a programming class in the morning and when I got home I was so tired, plus it was cold in my room and fell I asleep the moment it got warm in my bed. Woke up after the stream ended.
  8. Sylar

    Official Stream Incoming! (11/02/2017)

    This time I have an alarm... Make that 5 alarms set, on different devices
  9. ^Did you really have to quote him?
  10. Sylar

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    ^^ Bring it .
  11. Sylar

    Map Editor [Activation Guide]

    Here is the entire Battleforge (with map editor) in one file so you guys don't have to put everything together, all you need is to extract. https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B8UU4VaqJcjkMml1Q3dfbXU2NU0&export=download Funny thing, the file is 1.78GB but google says it is over 1.8 and can not be scanned.
  12. Sylar

    Where are you from?

    I come from Serbia... Or do I, you never know .
  13. Sylar

    Donators - Thanks list !

    You mean here? Not gonna happen, unless a sheikh gets to like the game.
  14. Sylar

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Got the tool, times are 11:58.6 for 1p map and 19:41.8 for 4p soloed which might be a twilight map since Grimvine and Matter Mastery were in my deck.
  15. Sylar

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Bandit or Stonekin, I am not sure if I ever completed twilight or LS 4p lvl 10 solo, level 9 I have, I assume that replay analyzer can be used to see which enemy it was.

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