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Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

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Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and other Skythings,

After what seemed like eons of hard work and development, we have finally reached the point where the Forge of Creation has been rebuilt for the Skylords to use in their endeavour to protect the realm of Nyn from evil once again. Restricted Access under the Open Stress Test is finally upon us! This means that all of you will finally have access to the forge once again. However, in the starting stages of this phase, slots will be limited and not everyone can be online at the same time. Since the forge is unstable and still under construction, you might find yourself stuck with questions or limitations regarding the game. However, there is no reason to fret! This here topic will provide you with all the information, details, and questions you need regarding the Open Stress Test, its current status, and the future of the Skylords Reborn development cycle. This topic also contains some important regulations, so please read it thoroughly. 

How can I play this game?
We get you're excited, and you have all reason to be! You will finally be able to access the game again in some of its former glory. There is some setting up to be done though!

The game works on a Windows platform. If you are playing on a non-windows operating system, you can use WineHQ to run the game (https://www.winehq.org/). This should work, but since our recent updates we can't guarantee it. If you succeed in running the game on WineHQ, please contact @Ultrakool

In order to play the game, you will need 2 parts:

Checksum at end of post. Be mindful that the game will not function without any of these files. Once you have the files on your computer, running the updater (skylordsrebornupdater.exe) should start the game correctly. 

How do I log in to the server?
In Skylords Reborn, you will be able to enter the server using your forum account! Your forum account will be linked to the game, allowing for quests, rewards, and statistics to work in the future. If you haven't already, you can create your account over here: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/register/

My game won't start! What do I do?
Before making a Technical Support Topic to contact staff, please consider the following:

  • Whether you have attempted logging in using your email address. Forum account name does not work!
  • Whether you have both the client files and the launcher
  • Whether you have the correct C++ Redisttributables installed (see the link above)
  • Whether you are running the launcher as an administrator
  • Whether you have extracted the files of both .RAR archives correctly in the same folder
  • Whether your computer can run the game.

Check the minimum system requirements below:

CPU: Single Core 1.8Ghz
CPU Speed: Core 1.8Ghz
RAM: Windows XP - 512MB, Vista and Windows 7+ - 1GB
OS: Windows XP (with service pack 2) Vista, Windows 7 or higher. Other OSes require WineHQ (Unless further stated, we can NOT currently help with WineHQ issues, and we cannot guarantee SR working on them.)
Video Card: 128MB NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series+ / ATI Radeon 9500+

Be mindful that your virus scanner may flag our updater files, you should whitelist them or turn off your antivirus/firewall temporarily. DO NOT try to mount .RAR files as an image or extract .RAR files with an image mounting program such as Daemon Tools or MagicDisc. This will not make your game function! If you encounter any problems, please troubleshoot using this topic: 

If none of that works, follow the instructions in the topic above in order to create a Technical Support Topic (or find the solution in someone else's topic!). Please refrain from contacting staff members directly for your issues, and wait for a response to your support topic.

Will I be able to use my old account?
No. As we are not EA we do not have access to your old accounts and never will, so you will have to create a new one and start from scratch. We know this is annoying but there is no way for us to retrieve account information. At least you can play the game again though!

What are the current features in the Open Stress Test?
The game is incomplete! Am I doing something wrong?
Help! I can't play a certain game mode!

Remember, this is currently an Open Stress Test (and therefore a Restricted Beta). There are many features that are inaccessible right now, and we will be working on in the meantime. Features that will work in the current version of the game are:


  • Game Auto-Updater
  • The Forge (including chat, friends, groups, auction house, store, deck creation, and so on)
  • All single-player, 2-player, 4-player and 12-player PvE maps
  • All Random PvE maps
  • Custom maps
  • PvE Map Progression
  • Unranked PvP, 1v1 and 2v2 on all maps
  • Ranked PvP Modes, ELO and Matchmaking systems
  • Daily BFP distribution
  • Daily Quests
  • Achievements
  • Token system removal and overhaul
  • Boosted gold for quicker progression
  • New Loot Lists/Upgrade Drops (check out THIS thread)
  • Promo cards (small chance to get in boosters)
  • Boosters containing all cards
  • Temporary BFP prices for boosters
  • New starter decks
  • Staff recognisability
  • In-game report system
  • A half-powered Anti-Cheat system
  • PvE and RPvE speedrun
  • Leaderboards

Features that are currently NOT in the game but will be present in future beta iterations will include:


  • Booster and reward pricing (BFP values subject to change)
  • A fully-powered Anti-Cheat system

Features that we have decided to scrap from the game due to technical limitations will include:


  • Tomes and Tome Modes
  • Element of Conversion, Creation, Concealment (We might implement different systems)

We will mostly attempt to block access to features that are currently not supported by the game. However, it is forbidden to try and access these features. If we find you crashing the server through attempting to access a currently unavailable feature, your account may be suspended.

The Unavailable features have NO SET RELEASE TIME. There is no planned date to release these features to the current game state. If we have any dates, we will keep you updated!

Then how will I earn BFP in this Open Stress Test?
Every day, you will get earn quests. Completing these will grant you BFP. There are also achievements that grant extra rewards like boosters or BFP. Daily quests reset daily at 10:00 UTC

In the future, we will net you BFP for playtime using a soft-cap system. This is currently not in place. 

Can you buy/sell BFP for real money?
Absolutely not! People who are noted to sell or attempt to buy BFP or any in-game content with real money may be banned from playing the game at all, and have their accounts reset. We take no responsibility whatsoever in any lost money or in-game content. We don't sell BFP for a very good reason as this project is allowed to exist due to the fact that we are making zero profit or income from the game, which would be using someone else's ideas and content for claiming money. If you buy or sell in-game content, you are essentially doing the same thing and this could put both you as well as the entire project at risk of being shut down. Additionally, your accounts will get wiped anyway, so any money spent on the game right now is a SCAM. Play the game the way it's meant to be played, don't multiaccount and don't use your real money. Buy yourself or someone dear to you a drink instead!

Then how will I earn Gold and Upgrades in this Open Stress Test?
Since tokens have been removed from the game entirely, you will earn gold instead through playing Randomly Generated PvE, Sparring PvP, and disenchanting upgrades found in Campaign PvE maps. The upgrade drops have been changed, and you can find the new loot list in this topic:


Will I keep any cards, BFP, gold, rewards, ranks, etc. that I earn during Open Stress Testing?
Will there be account resets?

You will NOT carry over any account progression or rewards from the game's beta stage onto its release. During the Open Stress Test, your accounts may be reset several times, resulting in a permanent loss of cards, BFP, gold, etc. Account resets can occur at any time. We will try out best to limit the amount of account resets to 1-3 times across the entire transition to Release. Once the project has finished its beta stage in full (or we state otherwise), there will be no more account resets. We can't emphasise enough that your late-night grinding sessions will not end up in the release build of Skylords Reborn, so mind that while scheduling your playtime!

When "..."?
I have mentioned our lack of clarity on release dates elaborately several times in the past, but here's a quote for future reference:

On 2/10/2019 at 9:36 PM, MrXLink said:

We can't give you any estimation time regarding our development progress due to the sheer uncertainty and unpredictable nature of this project and its development team. Considering BF is a complex and strange game when it comes to code, and due to us working in our spare time, we can't make any accurate prediction. Any ETAs made in the past that we were unable to abide by due to sudden bugs, sudden dev inactivity or development hindrances, have caused serious backlashes, flamewars, accusations and unnecessary conflict within the community. This in combination with development uncertainty sadly turns us to not be able to give you any semblance of an ETA for the sake of the game and community environment's health and atmosphere, and to not give you any sort of false expectations.

What are the new Starter Decks?
With what cards will we start?

Compared to the old BattleForge, we have changed the starter decks around to freshen things up and provide some more variety! Everybody will start with the following two decks:



However, that's not all! We wouldn't just force you to all start with playing Fire and Frost, so you're all going to get 5 T1 cards for Shadow, and 5 T1 cards for Nature as well:


Bigger images:


FireShadow Deck:


FrostNature Deck:


Other faction starters:


List of cards in alphabetical order:

  • Bandit Spearmen (B)
  • Banner of Glory
  • Blaster Cannon (P)
  • Breeding Grounds
  • Cannon Tower
  • Commandos (P)
  • Curse of Oink
  • Emberstrike
  • Equilibrium (B)
  • Eruption
  • Fire Sphere
  • Fire Stalker
  • Forsaken
  • Frostbite (R)
  • Giant Wyrm
  • Hammerfall (G)
  • Imperials
  • Kobold Trick
  • Lifestealer
  • Magma Hurler
  • Master Archers
  • Morklay Trap
  • Mumbo Jumbo R
  • Necroblaster (G)
  • Northern Keep (B)
  • Offering (G)
  • Primal Defender
  • Ravage
  • Ray of Light
  • Regrowth
  • Rifle Cultists
  • Shadow Insect
  • Silverwind Lancers
  • Snapjaws P
  • Spearmen
  • Spirit Hunters (P)
  • Stone Shards (R)
  • Stone Shell (P)
  • Sunstriders
  • Surge of Light
  • Swamp Drake
  • Tempest
  • Thugs
  • Unholy Hero
  • Unholy Power
  • Unity (B)
  • Warden's Sigil (G)
  • Waystation (R)
  • Windweavers
  • Witchclaws P

Is the game the same as the old BattleForge we know?
Yes. The features that we implement will stick closely to what the old game was like. There will, however, be some tweaks and changes due to the free-to-play nature of this project. There will be changes in BFP pricing, daily quests, rewards, and tomes will not exist. Please look at the FAQ for more information (link at the end of this thread)

Is this the fully released version of Skylords Reborn?
Can you improve the base game already?

No, this is not a fully released version of the Skylords Reborn project. Many Beta iterations may follow. Features you see and encounter are subject to change. We want to get the base game up first, and if we can make quality-of-life changes on the road, we will. The Open Stress Test is not a stage in which we only try to "improve" or change the gameplay in any way.

Will you add new cards/maps/etc now, then?
No. We might not at all, but if we do, it will be AFTER the Open Stress Test has been concluded.

Oi! I found a bug! What now?
How do I report a bug?

Please refer to the "Report A Bug" forum, and particularly this topic:

Can I stream/record Skylords Reborn content during the Open Stress Test?
Since this is an exciting moment to allow more members into the game, we understand the desire to record and stream your SR games. We allow you to do this, provided that you add the that the game is currently in a Beta stage in your video or stream description. This is required in order to point out that the game is buggy and not in its final state to whoever watches your streams, protecting our project's current quality and community expectations. Note that anything you say or do on stream is considered as unofficial, stream responsibly and at your own risk. If you spread any misinformation or fake news, your account may be suspended indefinitely. Please use the word "Beta" in your video/stream title. An example of a good disclaimer is:


The Skylords Reborn project is currently in a BETA state. Gameplay features may be restricted and bugs may arise. The Skylords Reborn team is working tirelessly to get rid of these bugs and get the game to a finished and playable state, but until that happens, we apologise for any inconvenience these issues may provide. 

You are not forced in any way to advertise the project, but we would greatly appreciate if you could also include the following line in your descriptions in order to bring more attention and support to the project, which may in turn increase the project's lifespan, community size, and eventual server population:


For official news on Skylords Reborn, please visit the forum https://forum.skylords.eu/ or the discord for more up to date news. 

So, simply put, just abide by these 3 points and you're good to go:

  • Add a beta disclaimer in your video/stream title and/or description
  • Don't spread any false information
  • Please include the links above if you want to help the project out

Will you be hiring mods now that we have an open phase up and running?
We have successfully hired 4 new moderators, @Bucky, @Ragenarok and @armu for Discord, and @Scourge for the forums.

What will happen to the old beta forums and discord sections?
Bug report sections and suggestions will be merged into the public forums, and the beta forums will be archived and hidden to non-staff.
Closed beta testing discord channels and ranks will remain open for the testing of upcoming patches.

What will happen to closed beta testers?
Will Open Stress Testers get a fancy name and badge?

Closed beta testers will retain their rank badge and discord colour, but get no more permissions than regular members. Since everybody can access the game freely, members will not be assigned a badge or title. You will not receive a badge or title upon release, due to everybody having access right now. Rewards may be up for discussion in the future, but are not a given.



The forums and Discord are English. Can I talk in my own language in-game?
Will the Forum Rules apply in-game?

The forum rules apply in-game, with one major exception: Rule 1.1. You don't have to talk English in-game, and we are more flexible with cursing. On the forums and Discord, you are required to talk in English to keep the community together and the topics understandable for the majority of our users, if not everyone. In-game, though, we more than understand that you talk in whatever language you're comfortable with and that's fine. However, mind that Rule 1 still applies, and that harassment, insulting, flaming, and other inappropriate behaviour can result in penalties or account suspension. Don't go out of line with this exception.

I have seen someone cheat, flame, or severely break the rules. Where do I report this?
The "/report" function in the in-game works. You can also report this behaviour directly to the Moderation Team (Moderators and the Community Manager) on the forums or discord. Please refer to https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/6402-introducing-modmail5460-our-new-bot-for-contacting-mods-on-discord-guide/ when reporting on discord.
I am the victim of a bug that made me lose in-game content. Will I be refunded?
I have abused in-game features or lost in-game content due to moderation or penalisation. Will I be refunded?

Do not count on any of your in-game content being refunded in any testing phase. Bugs happen, and we're always working on fixing them. We don't currently have the time or see the necessity of granting any refunds for any bugs or infringements. We would rather work on fixing bugs than to spend the time we could work in to handle these refund cases when your accounts will be reset anyway. Rule infringements can result in full account resets, and we will never be refunding any data in these cases. 

I have another question!
But wait... there's more!

Alright, that's cool! Before you continue, however, please read the FAQ and see if you can find your question answered over there:


If you can't, please use the forum's search function to find any threads that may have your question in it. If your question really isn't answered yet, feel free to create a thread, or contact me or any moderation team member directly.

We hope you are now up-to-date on what's going on in the Open Stress Test and how to get there. Please remember that this topic may be updated with new questions and answers as they arise, so be sure to check this topic again before you ask a question, just to be sure :)

That's all! We hope you enjoy your time in the world of Nyn and help the game and its community grow together! As always, I'm hugely grateful for all your support, and we wouldn't be here without you all. Keep up the good spirits, you're all fantastic beings. See you in the forge, and may the forge be with you! :rogan: 

Can someone add those checksum values to the download topic please? I thought I sent them to you guys a long time ago. But either they didn't get added to it or they were lost when someone changed it.
That will give the users the possibility to check if their downloads are fine. At least for some little more experienced users who heard the word `checksum` once in their life.

Name: BattleForge.rar
Size: 5307589968 Bytes (5061 MB)

CRC32:    F3E0B49E
CRC64:    72BCE6DDE51A926B
MD5:      D4184425C5573B106714DBBF525DA3C5
SHA1:     B411782EF4034310A655B9E4DD100EA057B29374
SHA256:   E6456C335B004A1E77DD6BBCA0F27ECF22389F2DBE7A66624C5B1C4471865F26
BLAKE2sp: 1D7624B734EB372D5F59830B38DB25A6528890BE8A7D33E5CC43E0B10914DF82

Edited by Ladadoos
Updated client info to be more clear about extraction.
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Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and other Skythings, After what seemed like eons of hard work and development, we have finally reached the point where the Forge of Creation has been rebuilt for the

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5 minutes ago, martijndrenth said:

what can i do when it says that: "Please place all files from the archive into your battleforge folder." what can i do? i put the battleforge rar thing in the updates folder HELP! thanks in advance!

I don't have it downloaded yet, so I cannot say what's the case exactly, but the "rar thing" as you put it IS THE archive. So "files from the archive" would be the ones you see after double-clicking the rar. Hope it helped somehow :P

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guys and gals you have to download 4.9 gb client first: 

then updater



you nee dboth the mediafire and the mega.nz?

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