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  1. sylvix95

    Offensive Names

    It has almost been a month and he is still at it
  2. sylvix95

    My Name

    We should rename this thread "The dead Sea" with such a huge amount of salt.
  3. sylvix95

    Look what I found #GoodOl'Times

    Ultraban incoming
  4. sylvix95


    What a sass queen you are sometimes x)
  5. sylvix95

    What's better

    Are you feeling it now ?
  6. sylvix95

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    I'll be waiting for y'all ! Well, not exactly "waiting" i'll take a headstart !
  7. SERVER: Test Server NAME: Card:Razorshard - Delay between attack explosion and actual damage an knockback SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: In Game REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: The explosion for the Razorback projectile deals damage and knockback only after a long delay of 1.5 seconds, which is instant for the Fire Stalker. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Test on some others units and Towers that knockback have been made, but it seems like it's only for the Razorback that it occurs
  8. sylvix95

    Your best gifs

    vvvv Here, you paste link of the best gifs you can find vvvv
  9. sylvix95

    Hello I just wanted to post something here

    Don't hurt his feelings yall, its an endangered species
  10. sylvix95

    Who is around my age or older?

    I think someone was 45.
  11. sylvix95

    3D Hovercraft

    This has to be the most off-topic of the off-topic's topics. Still look nice tho.
  12. sylvix95

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    You're the idiot one, just by saying that.
  13. sylvix95

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Didn't knew a pile of **** could be that long.
  14. sylvix95

    What do you do in life?

    I disagree with that statement.
  15. sylvix95

    BattleForge on America's Got Talent 2015 (!)

    Thats so cool. It reminds me at the great park of Puy du fou In france, theres a show with horses and horsemans using a Zelda Wind Waker music.
  16. sylvix95

    What do you do in life?

    Web and Desktop Dev.
  17. sylvix95

    What music makees u most nostalgia

    The music you hear in the forge, When I could hear again for the first time when I joined CBT, I tell ya, I almost shed a lil tear. Otherwise I link this : Have good memories with this song.
  18. sylvix95

    My Improved CardBase

    I like this, I like this a lot.
  19. sylvix95

    How My Girlfriend Helped Me Escape from Jail

    Ideas ? Hehe, I'm sorry, but I've been watching you for a long time and this is where you live :
  20. sylvix95

    How My Girlfriend Helped Me Escape from Jail

    I'm 100% sure that @ThomasMann voted for the pooping option.
  21. sylvix95

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    @Eddio That moment when you farm money only using your turrets without spawning any units.
  22. sylvix95

    The legendary forum game "count"

    we're at 2508 !
  23. sylvix95

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2505 Please don't ruin the fun of others heh !
  24. sylvix95

    Card upgrades - Loot table

    The wiki @Kiwi and Friend remade might help you => http://skylords-reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Skylords_Reborn
  25. sylvix95

    Brothers surprising Desktop

    There's bafo !

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