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Skylords Reborn - All you need to know!


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Battleforge is back ?

I love this game, thanks for all this work :)


I've just a question: Can you create news cards or are you just blocked with the olds ones ? (We all know that before BF has ended they tried to make news cards nature/shadow combiniaison) If you can, are you going to make news cards ?

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1 hour ago, Lotte2525 said:

I can twist and turn as I want. As soon as I have a successful login, the error comes immediately afterwards: The client has lost the connection.
So do not even have the chance to test whether the game is working properly or not.

login fehler.jpg

login fehler 2.jpg

same for me, sadly :'(

its a great game and i'm very glad you guys accomplished to revive the game for the community <3 :D

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