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  1. Carcosa

    AV detects trojans in both Updater and BF files.

    I also had a virus detection. It's harmless dont worry. when i looked it up it the same some steam-games have so its cool. you can put them on exception just as mentioned above
  2. Carcosa

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    allright, thanks guys. just made me concerned about it. guess we all wait for it. see you there! EDIT: ok it was the HEUR/APC (Cloud) Virus. its harmless.
  3. Carcosa

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    the UAC.exe was detected as a Virus to me so i had to delete it. Now i cant enter into the game. Anyone with the same Problem?
  4. Carcosa

    Best boosters in simulator

    That one for me i guess...
  5. Carcosa

    Booster Deck

    I noticed something on my last booster. I think the image of Brannoc is replaced with thunderstorm. so when you open the deck and you are supposed to get brannoc it shows you the card thunderstorm... not that important i know. just noticed
  6. Carcosa

    Opening Tournament

    i would join 2vs2

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