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  1. SweetPotato

    Kestas spam, does it annoy you?

    why do you regard as children please if he can not play then why do you behave so well: / ????
  2. SweetPotato

    Deck Maker

    Haha it was funny to see it
  3. SweetPotato

    Deck Maker

    Hey MrXLink i saw on your YouTube channel very Funny replays
  4. SweetPotato

    Opening Tournament

    Hey BoB what do you think about this if the players want to make a team then they must have the starter deck and the other people can use the starter deck or another deck ?? : )
  5. SweetPotato

    Wiki and AllCards

    hey how can im make a deck on http://allcards.bfreborn.com/ ?? ( Nvm) i found it : )
  6. SweetPotato

    Best Player ever

  7. SweetPotato

    Best Player ever

    hi Hightech but for who did you voted ?? : D
  8. SweetPotato

    Opening Tournament

  9. SweetPotato

    Light Faction

    Lets talk about fire/ice and shadow/nature cards then we can make other cards later and first we need the game back ^^
  10. SweetPotato

    Opening Tournament

    Hey Bob i would like to register
  11. SweetPotato

    Say something about the person above you.

    He is One of the best PvP players
  12. SweetPotato


    Oeh Nice Destiny
  13. SweetPotato


    Hey Guys Today have i a Question which CONSOLE Do you like THE PS4 or THE XBOX ONE Please share your opinion And with which game do like to play with it
  14. SweetPotato


    Tree Spirit
  15. SweetPotato


    is good energy YOGA

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