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  1. Hey BoB what do you think about this if the players want to make a team then they must have the starter deck and the other people can use the starter deck or another deck ?? : )
  2. This Is The Time Of The Dragons

  3. Ty Im like your Pure nature PvP style and im want see more ^^
  4. Hey LagOps which t1 is better for bandit Shadow or fire ??
  5. Eirias It is temporary ^^ and im not a Bandit pro
  6. Hello People im got a cheap pvp deck i dont know what the price gonna be but this is my cheap deck http://bfcards.info/search.php?i=deck&id=10031006100810241047110140334048400340114034101310271018102650401015503640195053 Streetking got also a cheap pvp deck on his YouTube channel ^^
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