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  1. wauw you guys ar really inproving :D:D i connected 3 times already today to bad i can't finish the pve game had a map with a timer need 2 more mins to complete but crash BUT WHO CARES !!! i could play yesterday i opend 2 packs im so happy with the prograss keep it up peeps your going gr8
  2. its a known issue its that to many ppl want to logg in at the same time
  3. what is the deal actually when you get in with succes and freeze like 5 sec later or when i click the sparring group i know ranked in not in the game but sparring is pvp right witch is in if im correct about that ? or is this what they call craching ?
  4. did you extract all the files in the battleforge location ? inside the battleforge map the the location with the actual map but inside the map
  5. well okay? though they sad something like that but okay my bad then but if that so then why are ppl not able to log in yesterday for over 12+ hours like me
  6. jup server is full but you got past the loging so you just timeout and kicks you out
  7. just got in again spoke to soon i got in and less then a min dc xD i deserve that xD
  8. Omg i finally did it played a game opent 4 packs, Feels gr8 little delay on commands though but who cares i could play for a little while but then got a dc but i played the DC means server is full. activation is fake just ignore and pray someone close or crash hes/her game so you can grab that spot happy spot hunting xD
  9. yea i know this just wanted to make sure thankz, then server is full sinds yesterday hope i can play today for 15 mins for a booster thats all i want xd sooo hou about that server status tab or a player count tab
  10. to give all 4 items to my firewall das not help for the disconnection problem o though this was related to the slots being full on the server. its not a slot problem ?
  11. what i dont get is why im i and many more still trying to get in, goal of a stress test to see if the server can handle it and it can't. we all already know that sow why not shut it down and work on it instead they leave it open and say its live when its not and it only getting ppl angry if you ask me i tryed all day to get in but no luck
  12. some ppl get trough and can play like a few mins before crashing out
  13. fighter i sad i GUESS so its not speading anything ..... im surgesting
  14. i guess the server is down again. we really need a server status tab so everyone can look before overloading the login again
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