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    Guard of the night !!

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  1. Nightguard

    Problem , your dienthas lost the connection

    same problem
  2. Nightguard

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    omg i cant belive , i cant wait to get back in forge !!! OMG
  3. Nightguard

    Open Stress Test Information

    it has been so long that i keep checking every 3-4 days this forum from almost 2 years and now that i see an open beta is coming soon i read that i may not even be able to play it cause not everyone will go in ? i lost hopes some months ago and now i lost them again right in the moment i got hyped cause this will take forever even just to log in into the forge and use cards not to mention playing some competative pvp games , and is it true that all acc that will be created on the open beta will be reset ?
  4. Nightguard

    Where are you from?

    EU Albania here :P

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