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Skylords Reborn - All you need to know!


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2 minutes ago, Extremer002 said:

sure but i don´t know i have all installed and when i do the msvcr120.dll into the battleforge folder it´s show the progamm can use correctly XD i don´t know more :D

so do it work now?

Just now, Sersen said:

Can't play :(

Login sucess but after a minute, loading and puff... this: look image



We all have this one, devs know about it. We have to wait a little more

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1 hour ago, Nagax said:

Sad that the server can't support too many players… Was hype and this breaked so much my hype. I hope you can do something that change this, it's very annoying. Good job anyway and good luck.

Really...? I try it since the last 10 hours and i have no luck and my hype isn´t broken yet. This is a STRESS test. Did you think you can easy peasy log in from minute one and play? A stresstest is not for the community...it´s for the Moderators to see if there are problems with the servers, to see if they need more ore bigger servers. This isn´t even a beta. It´s just to test out the servers and theyr stability. I have to say i´m incredible hyped now, even more than before because i know that the game alone works and the servers seem to work. They are just too small and thats the smallest problem from them all, that´s just a hardware question.
Guys You made a dream reality. Thanks for all the effort and the time you put into this project.

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Download the BattleForge Client and unzip it  on desktop > Move to Program FIles(x86)
Now Move Ubdater.zip to that same folder and unzip. Start the game from SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe file and thats all.

If you have some errors with downloading its your internet/browser problems - not a upload service.
Try another browser or clear the cache of your actually with ctrl + shift + delete on opened browser.

Kind regards.

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For me: e-mail/pass part of login succeeded after 3 tries, character name/selection was available, after that login was successful, after 5 mins at forge I get DC. So maybe the character selection kept alive the connection long enough to be the forge available. It was yesterday at 22h. After the DC, I cannot reach the forge online

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its a stress test we can't asume it will work right away that what the test is for but lets hope they will fix it soon so we can try to test the server :D can't wait till i can open my first booster pack 


how come i got the massage that the server was full ( so i guess its up ? ) tryed a couple of times got the succes but still lost the connection :( something going on or what ?


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I successfully played it yesterday , except for the low population on the server , it's more or less the same as the old battleforge . Great job guys , if you still need some testers or specific shit to try out in-game hmu , i dont really have anything to do for the next two weeks before school starts :D 

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i try to enter game since yesterday evening/night. Mostly of the time i get the message, that there are too many players on server. The 5 times i get conncected until the moment i enter lobby all is good, but in looby always i get message "client disconnected".


But thanks to whole team for the work!!!!

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