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  1. SInce an update the last weekend i played only in lags (my pc is a i7700 and ive a gtx 1060, so its not my system). my clicks arive one sec later, also all spells done and the image is freezing almost every second for a short moment. also the rdy button to press takes minimum 1 sec
  2. Its getting better and better to play. VERY nice work Skylords Team !!!!!! Singleplayer works almost all the time and to enter multiplayer i whisper to group leader to get invited..it doesnt start often then but thats part of the progress. And for all users who wine for less players or other fixes.this is a STRESS TEST so the team want to make this game playable for many gamers and they give their best. Accept this or wait until the beta or release comes!!! Dont forget that they do this work in their free time for us all!
  3. Cest normal felix. J'essay jaque jour pendant plusieur des heures et je suis content quand je peut jouex 3 round. "Its normal Felix. i try every day for several hours and im happy when i can play 3 rounds per day."
  4. The progress of the game is really enormous!!!! Thx for all your effort. I tried already thousands time to play, and yesterday these 2 working single Pve's were amazing xD!!!! ive fun with it and more and more friends come back to game :-)!!!
  5. Thank you allot for all your efforts! YOure doing great work and im so happy to be able to play this game.
  6. i try to enter game since yesterday evening/night. Mostly of the time i get the message, that there are too many players on server. The 5 times i get conncected until the moment i enter lobby all is good, but in looby always i get message "client disconnected". But thanks to whole team for the work!!!!
  7. Thx for all your work - my friends and me are waiting so long, it doesnt matter at all waiting another month!!!
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