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  1. Its not unknown... Apparently some people are too lazy too read the posts here. The server is limited to 200 people and the disconnect is a known issue.
  2. 32bit has nothing to do with your PC, its your OS which needs to be 64-bit. Also who on earth still uses an 32-bit OS?
  3. How many more times do i need to say that this is a STRESS Test. Whats the use of having 20000 people on the server for 2 seconds and then a crash.
  4. Please read the stickied post first next time. It contains everything you need to know
  5. Check this one here first: Then maybe consider this:
  6. Might wanna sticky that under "The Open Stress Test is here!" if that is possible. Could prevent the thousands of post complaining about disconnects.
  7. Well they got 200 slots, and probably 10k want to play it. They rather have 200 playing, than 1000 and server crashes every 2 seconds. After all its only a STRESS Test, not the final release, we can be happy to play it at all even in this more or less buggy state. Would have been awesome if we could simply login and play around in the Forge and have to wait to start a game than staying outside the game in hopes someone "crashes" or exits the game.
  8. Its an Stress Test, not the release. Obviously its too high for normal gameplay. As soon as they fixed those problems it shouldnt be like that anymore.
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