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  1. Its not a open beta its a stress test. You should read things before commenting. And also the servers do already have that function.
  2. Do you use UAC.EXE to run the game ? If you do you need to use SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe to play now. I had the same problem and i was using UAC.EXE yesterday but the other one fixed it for me.
  3. The game is not released , this is a test. Not even open beta. And the developers are also human.
  4. You need to put the updater inside it , then run with UAC.EXE. And if it still doesn't work , then you gotta wait till the tests are over and the game gets released.
  5. Its not just ''tests'' its a STRESS test. Whatever they are doing its good. Im sure they will learn alot of things of this test. Just be thankfull that you can be a part of the test.
  6. Hey , i just noticed something. There are some heavy FPS Drops in the forge. Everyone is experiencing this in the chat. Edit : I see there are more people connected then normal and its way easier to get in the forge.
  7. Yooo , If anyone got frost cards . I want them , ill give you cards you need for frost ones :).

    1. Nephilim


      it feels great to see trading topics already!

  8. 2832 because thats how many times i will steal ya girl
  9. Everything works fine for me and other people too. Just change ur OS.
  10. Oh i just was able to play , got avatar of frost in my first booster. Happy its working Thanks developers great job !
  11. I keep logging in succesfully , then it just freezes for a few seconds and i get into the lobby and it dc's. Soon we can play
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