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Skylords Reborn - All you need to know!


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2 hours ago, Mentol said:

I completed daily quests but the one where you have to play 15min didn't seems to work for me.

I believe you should have received the reward for the quest regardless. It's a known bug that it shows you have the quest ( at 0 / 15 ) even though you completed it already. Nice to see you were able to play that much by the way :P 

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45 minutes ago, Kitten said:

I also get the message that my account is not activated and that i will get an activation link sent to my e-mail adress, but I still have no e-mail.

I already managed to join 2 times for a short time, but when the server is full I still get this message sometimes. Also you have to use your e-mail (with which you are registered here) and not the login name you use here. There wont be any activation link btw.

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2 minutes ago, ursarel said:

Hello, i cant enter, the activation email is not arriving in the last 5-6 H :(, Pls Hellp my

There is no activation email. It's just a bug that pops up that can be bypassed by typing in your email and password again or restarting the game.

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