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  1. sorry the long wait, actually had an issue with my pc, basically the updater and c++ was completely screwed, missing OS files and had to make a clean boot, its now fixed! thanks anyway!
  2. same issue, have downloaded and installed around 5 or 6 times, updated drivers, re installed drivers, C++ aswell, still the same..
  3. NAME: entire card "inventory" goneSEVERITY: 1 (since it doesnt let u play at all if it happens, u have to close and re open the game)LOCATION: forge and ingameREPRODUCIBILITY: 3rd time, 2 in the forge, 1 ingameDESCRIPTION: basically from both times in the forge it was just after upgrades, once a gemeye and other windweavers, after the upgrades it popped a message saying error something (couldnt take a screenshot since i dont know how) and i closed it, right after came again and when i notice, my entire decks are empty and so is my card base. Other time it was just starting Raven's End and my d
  4. exactly, just be patient, wait for the devs to fix whatever needs to get fixed, this is the purpose of a stress test!
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