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  1. update 3: after another crash, i have tried to reinstall only the updater, overwriting all his files. the launcher has worked again for 3 times, now he wont start anymore. the error is the same. now i'm sure: the problem is the launcher, i need to do the last test to confirm that. uninstall and reinstall all. client and launcher.
  2. Update 1: i have reinstalled and reupdated the client and now the launcher work again... i try play. Update 2: this happened again, i have changed some options, i have exit from the game, then it had stopped working again, same problem, same error. i correct the reproducibility from 1/NONE to 2 (i have to try again reinstall client and updates, then i think he can changed to 5)
  3. SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: FORGE REPRODUCIBILITY: 5 DESCRIPTION: after the very first join in the game, i was i nthe forge creating a new deck. the game is crashed after 8/10 minutes of play, returning to desktop, then, the game as stopped work for me. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONS: here the crash log provided by windows. (is in my native language - italian) Firma problema: Nome evento problema: CLR20r3 Firma problema 01: Skylords Reborn.exe Firma problema 02: Firma problema 03: 5b980e54 Firma problema 04: PresentationFramework Firma p
  4. the only thing i want back is Battleforge, so i can wait the dev to resurrect him from his ashes CMON DEV, WE ARE ALL WITH US
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