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  1. jou guys. keep up the good work. i know DC during a pve map are still common currently but when the stress test started it was almost impossible to even log in, then you always got the "disconnected from server" when entering the forge. now you can already log in reliably and do stuff in the forge at least =)
  2. OMG so AMAZING. was able to play the first 2 single player missions AND got the ultra rare Forest Elder from my 2nd booster pack =O then dc'ed but amazing =)
  3. GUYS i was able to play for like 4 min =D could summon some monster in the forge and let them fight haha awesome. then got dced. still awesome !
  4. well its a stress test =D at least i was able to log in and see the forge again. best battleforge feeling since years =D already enjoyed that a lot
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