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  1. Hello, I used to play back when the Alpha was released. I quit after a while, but wanted to give the game another shot. I'm getting a message upon login "this character has been banned". I'm not sure what caused this. I haven't played the game in a long time, or been on the forums. But on the forums, I'm clearly not banned. Is this a technical issue? Am I allowed to just create a new account?
  2. Reinard


    Experiencing the same issue
  3. Great to see you playing again. Hope we see some youtube content :)!
  4. Awesome thanks for the info. Anyway I can reset a cache or something atm to prevent it from popping up?
  5. Sorry, if this was posted before. But I couldn't find a topic via search. - I was able to log into the forge - I created an (unsaved) deck - I tried to make a game - Client crashed - Now when I log in I get this
  6. I've honestly lost hope that there would ever be a public beta. Just want to say amazing work guys, keep it up! And looking forward to seeing you in the forge!
  7. Perhaps good to add what timezone you usually stream for
  8. Don't think many people who closely followed some streams are surpised. Prefer a delay then being kicked out the game every 10 minutes. Thanks for all your effort and time so far. A little disappointing that an official statement came so late though.
  9. Works better for me as well & good idea to not rush it now. Rather have some more delays then a shitty release which crashes after a couple of hours.
  10. Looking forward to it. Will you have an exact date on when open beta starts (if that hasn't already been decided & communicated > because then I missed it)
  11. Looking forward to it. Been following this project for so long! Amazing work all devs & admins.
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