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  1. Zer0duck30

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Forge has never looked so crisp on my 1080p! Compared to my old 480 back in the day! I missed much graphics! :')
  2. Zer0duck30

    Best boosters in simulator

    I was quite happy with this one, Im an advocate for shadow cards and seeing though I got some decent high tier cards it looked like a decent booster. Can you get promo cards through this?
  3. Zer0duck30

    Open Beta Delay Points of View Megathread

    Much like @Rondine said its because the minority are louder and constantly push for answers, where as the majority are posting about other things such as boosters, card talk etc..
  4. Zer0duck30

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    To be honest, Im just glad no one has given up on this project. The community has come very far and it's honestly inspiring somthing a group of people can expand to such a community. Keep up the good work And keep this project 'MO'ving .
  5. Zer0duck30

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Yes please ?
  6. Zer0duck30

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2555, Well I'm only 2554 Posts late... ^ @JfPegasus You are a couple hundred off
  7. Zer0duck30

    Nothing to see here

    Nope Nothing
  8. Zer0duck30

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Shadow worm or Harvester, Couldn't get rid of the 'shadow'/'purple'/'dark' type of decks and I always play those type of classes in any game! Edit: Hence the SIG
  9. Zer0duck30

    Thank you Devs

    Big props to all devloppers and alpha testers too!
  10. Zer0duck30

    What's wrong in this world?

    Some interesting stuff here, I decided after being pointed out by @BenAG to give my opinion... Like most of the aforementioned Politics, Greed, Money, Society, Acceptance etc... Whilst most of this I agree with I feel that the Gov may be doing more behind the scenes than we know (About 85% in my opinion) of topics such as JFK or UFOs and the like... However sometimes I agree with the cover blankets, because some people may not understand nor comprehend what would happen say for example the Gov knew the earth was going to get hit by a meteor we can't save as many people as we would like but those 'important' people are saved due to being important however imagine what the world would be like if all the gov and important people survived and the general public were wiped out... I imagine a selfish shelter type of place every man for himself, why? Because I believe those people in power turn power hungry or are in a power struggle therefore those who do good deeds are gone because there are more percentage of good people in the general population than the governments... Just my two cents Didn't mean for it to get soo deep but considering the topic / off-topic? (Strange) is about the world!
  11. Zer0duck30

    Battleforge Server Protection

    Ohh, a shame but at least we all know he's doing his job How many devs/ higher ranking than Alpha testers are there?
  12. Zer0duck30

    Battleforge Server Protection

    Damn, blank seems to be the person I'm aspiring to become after university.. Is he ever active on the forums or chat?
  13. Zer0duck30

    What is your favourite Tier 2 - Tier 4 Neutral Cards?

    Okay I wasn't actually expecting so many replies and @anonyme0273 is that better? Just wanted to make sure the shadow worms are out there! (Also moon was a choice for me 'cause shadow too... haha) @Ladadoos I was actually close to choosing Viridya because of the healing, although I never really used her much in battles... @Treim That is a good point, I guess some people wouldn't play with neutral cards unless your going for a mixed card deck, I tend to agree with you on some respects although I just felt like asking about the neutral cards because the other questions about colour cards and tiers have been done! @Eirias This is very true in PVP, if you get 4 Orbs your most likely going to win... However I never played PVP much so I guess this could be in both instances of PVE and PVP. Hey, maybe when the game comes out I'll be able to play with neutral cards on PVP and see what it's like (I usually go for pure decks although I do like the idea of mixed stuff). @Kaliber84 I never used or saw Santa or Easter egg being used.. Somtimes I like to use neutral cards to mix things up maybe create a challenge to use neutrals although I haven't personally been into the depth of running good or competitive decks because I was young when I played this and decided 'if the card looked cool it must have been good!' Haha Good ol' younger me... But I'd also agree Mo is still one of the best I remember the days of Mo It was a close choice for me between Mo and Lord but eventually I chose Lord for the Tank status While I agree with pretty much all of your post Ravenheart's harpoon still takes the cake for me, not sure why... Maybe when we get the game again I may sway to a different choice! @EonBen I eagerly await your reply! Don't worry some people have done this previously ahha, It's interesting to hear peoples justification and uses because there are so many different variations! Just wanted to say to all those who have posted so far Thanks! This has been my first topic in creation and just felt like it could be something which could be discussed I probably won't reply to all of those who may comment.. Not really sure why I feel the need to reply though... Oh well!
  14. I'll start the ball rolling with; Tier 2 - Moon (Skylord of Shadow) Tier 3- Lord Cyrian (King of the Moloch) Tier 4 - Ravenheart (Artifact Dominator) Who are your favourites? (Spells and Buildings can be included) Go! Reasons why; Moon - Because of the power Dark Art Lord Cyrian - Mainly due to the life and power of a 3 Orb card @ 380 pool power Ravenheart - Because of the Harpoon ability helping damage and stun enemies

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