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Release schedule and server downtime


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Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolk,

We are about one week away from release and with that we would like to share our schedule and plans around release. This way you know what to expect.

December 16, 2020: We will reset everyone's progression in preparation for the reset on actual release day. This allows us to make sure our systems work properly after a reset and to potentially fix any remaining issues that could be caused by resetting the progression of all our players. A progression reset means you will lose your gold, BFP, cards, boosters, PvE and PvP ranks, friends lists, auctions etc.  Both the main server and the test server will stay online and you can continue to play the game. Any in-game items gained after this initial progression reset will not be carried over after release.

December 17, 2020: The main server will be closed until release. This will give us time to prepare the server for release and to fix any potential issues found with the reset from the previous day. During this downtime everyone's progression will be reset for release and you will be asked to create a new in-game character when you login for the first time after release. You do not need to create a new account for release and can login with your current account after release. The test server will still be open throughout the release period. The server will likely be closed in the evening (UTC).

December 18, 2020: Release date. This is the day we will put the servers online again and is the day you can join and start playing again with a fresh start. After this day there will be no more resets so you can play/grind all you want. Depending on how drastically the player base suddenly increases, we might have to resort to putting a limit on the number of people allowed on the server at a time. Our current server is very performant and should be able to handle a lot more players than it currently is, so even though we don't expect to need to do this, you never know. There will also be a countdown livestream on our twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/skylordsreborn, after which we will open the servers again. The release will likely happen in the afternoon (UTC).

We hope everything is clear. If you have any remaining questions feel free to ask them and we will update this post accordingly. 
Have fun playing and hope everyone is looking forward for release!

- Skylords Reborn

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On 12/10/2020 at 9:04 PM, Rankerz said:

Any estimated time when it will happen with a timezone ? Afternoon or evening ?

The plan is to do the first reset (december 16th) in the morning, server downtime (december 17th) in the evening and release (december 18th) in the afternoon. These are our goals, but we might deviate if need be (there is a reason we didn't specify them :P). All these times are in CET by the way. 

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35 minutes ago, GreenPavlik said:

his is not a vape. I was just stupidly deleted. There are no rewards for the test. brilliant. Teeth are ruined for nothing.

Yeah they stay true to their words from the beginning and make a fair start for all... how annoying, couldn't predict that. How dare they not lie! :P

But honestly i can't wait. Makes the best christmas present there is for me.

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Try to look at this as an opportunity.   They have improved it, it's free, it's a fantastic game, they have quests, and achievements, and in the future we may get new maps continuing the story, and new cards.   I did the same, spent money and had the time of my life when Battleforge first came out.   But after being destroyed by EA and thanks to this developing team, we now have something that will last forever, and is better, and will continue to be better.   I say.......THANK YOU!!!!!   Now we can enjoy this game all over again! :D

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