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The legendary forum game "count"


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12 hours ago, RuneSeeker said:


Looks like you're right.


Unfortunately there's one flaw in my statement: It's (most likely) not possible to time travel just by writing a smaller number than the previous one into this thread.

Therefore i guess the law of time is still more relevant than the law of this thread :(

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(Just the number this time. No joke, no question, no reference and no easter egg about the number or anything else. Only the raw number of this message to keep the post as short as possible to not waste your time with unnecessary words. Of course I could write a bunch of facts about the number but I won't because nobody cares about them anyway. In general I don't like it when people can't keep their posts short and keep writing useless stuff in their posts that nobody cares about anyway (especially when they use brackets for it). So my goal for this post is to simply keep it short to not annoy people when they read it. Simple as that.)

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