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Hi all.

I'm Kamporx, I come from Poland. I played mainly Pure Shadow although i wasn't very good. ^_^

I have really fond memories of playing BF and goofing around on the old offtopic forums, seeing some of the old names i recognize put a rly big smile on my face. Its good to be back :D

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Hey, thanks and welcome!  I know a Portuguese BF player, he was quite well-known back in the days... He's TouchiHakafu, but he's quite absent recently. Maybe he'll get on here too!

Hello Ladys and Gentlemen my name is Luca, im from germany, 21 years old, runnin around with a nonstop boner since i heared we gotta get a server runnin. sometimes i feel like a battlerap

Hello everyone! It is great to see so many old and new faces in this forum! My nickname is Tofu, I used to be very active in the old forums where i stood by the name TouchiHakufu. I am from Portuga

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First of all I want to introduce myself perchance there are some of you who may know me from the original battleforge, but I assume most of you don't
I'm a 16 year old student from germany and I prefer to be refered as "frost", my real name is Fabian.
Most of you probably can figure out why my Nickname is Lfrostavatar, basically it comes from the Battleforge card "frost avatar"
that has supefied me from the very beginning and it reminded me of my old roughcasted battleforge card.
Battleforge was a blessing, due to its superior and uncomparable graphic standards at the time.
Also it had the most balanced PvE and PvP which I have witnessed since my Gaming experience.
After the Battleforge servers got shutdown I sadly had to find a new game to play, as a fan of Diablo 2, Diablo 3 came in mind
and I slowly but surely got better and better which leads to me as being one of the best nowadays.
But ofcourse it was not comparable to something like Battleforge that had its player made Maps. I still remember Maps such as bad harvest,
sunbridge and many more of Superspitzi and kaldra that were made with such perfection I can barely believe it.
Until the 14th of June I thought "Hey, why is noone actually trying to make a remake or private server of Battleforge".
God Bless the 14th of June, since that day I received the relieving message that someone is trying to get that game back and without the
fear of the servers getting shut down again.
Tl;Dr: It was a perfect game with few flaws that were too unnoticable to be mentioned, I am sure that there is much to come in the future.
As I already said in my presentation, I greatly appreciate the community, and I would like to keep it in a positive attitude, I would be very exciting to work and play with everyone here!

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I am RadicalX and some people should know me from the past. I was a very dedicated PvP player (reached the top spot in 1v1 & 2v2), but I played PvE aswell from time to time.  

Nice to meet you all! I'm really hyped to play the game again.  :D

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Have posted here and there but haven't introduced myself yet, so here goes:

I'm Avenged, used to be Maxienator on BF and the Forums back in the day.
I played some PvE and no 1v1 PvP whatsoever, but I grinded 2v2 a lot with a good friend of mine (Rustykiler) and we reached spot 15 or something on the 2v2 rankings on some point (with pretty much no lame decks/cards!).

But actually I wasn't that good at the game, me and Rusty just played 2v2 a lot and since I didn't play 1v1 I got crushed in most 1v1-like matchups at higher ranks at some point :^).
Also, screw all Lost Souls + Pure Fire teams! ^_^

Oh and I traded quite a bit, but had no monopoly or all the promos at once (I think I had each promo in my hand at least once but I continued trading them)

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I am Trihl.

Over the years I've used several "names" for my internet/gaming presence.
I was a BattleForge player since its first hours. Started with the demo, which I stumbled over on some gaming site and kept playing BattleForge until the very last hour when it was shut down.

I commonly played and enjoyed the PvE content the most. 
However I used to have quite some fun in PvP as well.
The best times I had in PvP was when I teamed with my buddy for 2vs2... Fun adventures hehe.

In PvE I started at first with a pure frost deck. 
When I was a noob I thought frost was da hottest shit evar.
I acquired my first 3k BaFo points by buying the full game. It cost me 50€ at steam store back then.. Prices where quite high at the beginning, but that was obviously cause the game was new.

When my frost-deck was complete, with all those Frost-Stars such as Mountaineer, Avatar of Frost, Worldbreaker Gun and Thor, I started to move intro different directions. I made a nature deck which would become later on my main deck, since nature pretty much ruled PvE.

Overall I played all elements, Fire and Shadow mainly in PvP but I had fun playing around with them in PvE also.
And my Nature/Frost deck in PvE.

My favorite card would be.. hard to decide. I liked many cards:

Sunderer, Harvester, Shadow Mage, Mountaineer, Skyelf Templar, Lyrish Knight, Avatar of Frost, Enlightenment, Worldbreaker Gun.

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So excited to see so many of you again. Battleforge was my all time favorite game of all time and since its closure I have struggled to find anything that could fit that hole in games (and boy did I look). If the game was still alive I might consider quitting my engineering job to balance full time.

The road ahead will probably be met with several problems when it starts on server but the little chance of it successful is a dream come true.

I would probably say that pure nature was closest to my heart, wanted bandits buffed most of all, shadow worm was my favorite unit concept followed closely by construct, and I prided myself for being in top 50 PVP with all color combinations other than fire/frost and shadow/nature, pure frost was my highest ranking at 5. I would be happy to update my guides on gamefaqs or put them in a more readable fashion when this comes online.

Welcome back everyone!

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I'm Aragorn, knows as ellord on battleforge forum and xAragornx InGame. After the end of Battleforge, I played Battlefield Heroes with steeltaloons (2.7 kda) and sometime League of Legend with myoforge, myogenic and farrock (Platium 4).

Im mostly 2v2 dedicated then 1v1, I hate pve. My highest rank is 1st in 2v2 and 3rd in 1v1. (I don't count at the end where most top 10 was inactive and that was easy to get top rank). You can find a lot of pvp commentary of me and other top rank on farrock and windhunter channel.

I made some tournament and tutorial for french community and I will if the community get bigger.

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Hello Ladys and Gentlemen
my name is Luca, im from germany, 21 years old, runnin around with a nonstop boner since i heared we gotta get a server runnin.
sometimes i feel like a battlerapper when i see me writin, since i dont use the g. thats because im a freakin g, u know?

anyways, my old account was keksmonster, i was in the front page of 1on1 for like ... uhm... forever, had a hit on rank 1 aswell. 2on2 was fun, but i didnt play it too much (even tho im still unbeaten with dampfi and stoxx, since their lame was just too stronk).

ya i dunno what to write, actually im quiet drunk right now. i got free tomorrow so thats ok i guess.

i think its really cool that i still remember some names, even though i never really had the honor to meet radicalx, i still remember him (guess his time came shortly after i quit for playing lol), and some other just like taker or greenplumm.

ya im tired, and i want to play a lil with myself before i go to bed, have a good time guyz

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Hey people
My name is Christian but all are calling me 1 of 2 names (kors or korsbaek) and i hope you will to.
im 25 now(dam as time passes one by) live in denmark in one of our "big" citys
i used to play a BF and most of the people still remembering me will most likely remember me from my cards for gold deals.

i used to play a little pvp and a good deal of rpve.

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[quote='korsbaek' pid='1987' dateline='1435207429']
Hey people
My name is Christian but all are calling me 1 of 2 names (kors or korsbaek) and i hope you will to.
im 25 now(dam as time passes one by) live in denmark in one of our "big" citys
i used to play a BF and most of the people still remembering me will most likely remember me from my cards for gold deals.

i used to play a little pvp and a good deal of rpve.

Korsbaek! You're here! Welcome :)

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Hello Folks I am Darian, Darian DelFord. many of you all knew me as I commented the last several Community Challenges and I must say a tear came to my eye when I saw the You tube video pop up. Oh Yes, I am a grown man with a tear in his eye.

I am here to help in any way I need.

Pure Nature at its best!!!!!

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What up!

My name is Patrick (25), Im from Hungary and been playing Battleforge on and off since 2009. I was known as `Demiron`. The moment they closed the servers have I realised how big part of my life this game was and Im thrilled to play it again, cant thank the devs enough that they make this happen. :)

I liked all aspects of the game but PvP was the real thing for me. It was usually a pleasant experience except for a few occasions (*cough* Voidstorm *cough*), I mained Pure Frost but also liked Twilight.

I also traded a lot, made a lot of profit with the old Tomes and buying low/selling high on the market...

My favourite PvE map was `Titans` and my most hated one was `Nightmare`s End`.

Well, see you in the Forge, Skylords!

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Hello i am Nick(my full name is Nikita). I am Irish/Ukrainian and i live in England.
I was introduced to Battleforge by my cousin in 2010(i think) and since then i have played the game. I Didn't put any money into the game(i had a crap deck) and only played pve. I did try pvp and i was decent at it but then i had to delete the game for reasons i don't remember. Then i came back one day and saw that Battleforge has shut down. After that i kept looking out for the game just in case this comes back and eventually found this! My favorite map was titans, fav card was colossus and fav faction(deck) was bandits.

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my name is Adam, allthough I use Anonyme0273 in all games I play
I played BattleForge from 2010, then stopped for a year and that year that I missed I never stop regretting. 
I am 17 years old, from Czech Republic (for those of you who are as experienced in geography as I am, Czech Republic is in the middle of Europe)
I played mostly Pure Shadow and Lost Souls, then I started playing Bandits, but never got too far with that as there was no time.
I like music (orchestral and instrumental music is my favourite), eating (even though I am pretty skinny), swimming and relaxing with my friends. 
I read a lot and spend a lot of time debating religious debates with my friends. 
I am single, so ladies, ask for a private mail :D    - I tend to do stupid jokes
Except BattleForge, I play League of Legends, Heartstone, Age of Empires, Skyrim, and many others.
Questions? Feel free to send a message, upon asking, I can give out my Skype as well 
Looking forward to seeing you all in the Forge! :)

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My name is Hans and I'm from Estonia. I really hope that I'm not the only Estonian here :P

Back in the days I was all about frost and nature. As you can see by my avatar I loved Battleship and it was my favourite card.
Nice to see so many people coming back and active :)

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Hi guys, I'm a bit late but I'll do it now :p

So I am Ewout and I live in Belgium, Dutch is my native language, I speak English pretty good and after 6 years of French I can understand almost everything :)

In BattleForge my IGN was the same + my smurfs TheGodSlayer and something else that I don't remember
I mainly did PvE with my Lost Souls deck which was pretty good xD but in the last couple of months is got a bit into PvP so I watched FarRocks tutorials. It didn't help that much because I never got into the top 200 xD

I really like what you guys are doing here and I wish that I could play BFR already but got to be patient, got to be patient :D

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Hello everyone! I was an active player right from the beginning (closed beta) and used to be quite active in the battleforge forums (i was a mod).
Keeping my fingers crossed that this great game will soon be functional again. It was one of the best games i ever played.

I'm wondering what the guys at Phenomic think about this little project - do they support it? Did you get any helpful info? Of course it might be that you have to deny it, because it cannot be stated officially (i imagine that the big guys at EA won't like this project).

Cheers from Germany!

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