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Darian DelFord

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  1. Darian DelFord

    T1 Fire vs T1 Nature

    Honestly against fire...... Nature T1 units that SHOULD be played.... Blue Dryad, Shammy, Swift Claw.......... Fire T1...... HATES Blue Dryad spam
  2. Darian DelFord

    T1 Fire vs T1 Nature

    Stop it.... Stop it...... Fire T1 has no chance against Nature T1,..... we must spread this so the fire T1 Players auto resign when they see the first set of swift claws ;ppp actually Fire T1 does nicely against Nature T1
  3. Darian DelFord

    Nature Deck T1

    Yes. Free healing and good T1 M/M counter, especially against Frost Mage Spam. Currently the Shaman is priced WAY WAY to high on the AH. However you can get by with Surge of light so long as you can hit multiple units with it., however it will catch up with you in the end.
  4. Darian DelFord

    T1 Fire vs T1 Nature

    Yes.... give up now..... T1 fire has no chance against T1 Nature
  5. Darian DelFord


    Yeah thats what I meant by abilities. I consider everything else to be a spell for a unit
  6. Darian DelFord

    Razorleaf and Root Network

    Aye, Personally I use 4 Melee T4 (Collossus or FOrest Elder) 6 Wyrms and 1 Razor leaf backed with Tree spirits and maybe a living tower. Reason being, is tree spirits are mobile and can almost instantly buff the RL once the nexus is down. This is great to set up as your units are going into a Level 9 or 10 Base. The AE from the RL will just knock out all the little stuff allowing your T4's to concentrate on what they need to. I will never forgive Phenomic for the Razorleaf nerf they did a back when they nerfed the root network
  7. Darian DelFord


    Unit abilities refund 100%
  8. Darian DelFord


    It does refund the poiwer
  9. As a pure nature player since the inception of the game. A shaman is a must on some maps and not needed on others. In PvP I would call it a must, as its a medium/medium counter and in T1 that is huge for nature. Especially against frost. But all cards fall into the same category as a must have or a complete waste. it completely depends on the map you need it on.
  10. Darian DelFord


    Yes and no.... There is an initial power cost of 100. However it gives power. So it will refund the 100 power over time and then some. This is why power wells are targeted in PvP. If you can bring a well down before it refunds the power the patient has a permanent power loss. If it goes for a while it will pay for itself. It is only a net loss if the player rebuilds it then the process starts again.
  11. Darian DelFord

    Open Stress Test Information

    There is going to be more before live yes..... how many more I can not say but at least one.
  12. Depends on what you are talking about? Different decks for different things. Honestly my Pure nature Deck for rPvE is only 10 cards.
  13. Darian DelFord

    Razorleaf and Root Network

    I would recommend Root nexus for the healing and damage reduction, further more if you have a splash of frost you can also use the disco ball of healing (Crystal Fiend) that the Stonekin have at T2, which stacks its damage reduction with the root nexus. The problem with Slvan gate, is when its using its ability it detracts from the power of the Razorleaf. For an extra 20 power you get Damage reduction and healing. Yes, the damage increase is not there, however the RL is almost unkillable. While this is true, honestly it would be better to use Tier 4 units for late game. For Nature Colossus, Giant Wyrms and Swamp Drakes are all you really need end game, for rPvE rank 10. For that matter most expert maps can be completed in the same fashion.
  14. Darian DelFord

    BF Font alternatives

    Ohhhh me likes. I completely forgot about this. Great job bro, I know how hard making custom fonts can be. how many times can we like a post?
  15. Darian DelFord

    12 players maps

    While by no means an official answer my best guess is, when they can get to them.
  16. Darian DelFord

    How to build an Amii monument at T2?

    You should not be able to do it, pretty sure a pre req is 3 Orbs
  17. Darian DelFord

    Open Stress Test Information

    Hate to say it, but the Stress and Beta need to be as close to live as possible. To much or to little and its gonna cause issues.
  18. Darian DelFord

    Card Database Duplication for PvE and PvP

    I can nay remember the answer to this question so will ask. Is it possible to duplicate the card database? I ask for this reason. One thing that destroys RTS games which have a PvE and a PvP using the same materials is they can vary in mileage greatly depending on which you play. If you make a PvP change in the name of balance, it can royally screw the card in PvE. So is it possible to duplicate the database then somehow make changes to the PvP database which would not affect the PvE database. I am sure it is not an easy change. But in the long run, may be the easiest way to bring balance changes that does unintentionally affect one or the other.
  19. Darian DelFord

    Card Database Duplication for PvE and PvP

    I agree that most balance decisions are based on PvP. If it was strictly a PvE vs a PvP problem, then it would not be to much of a big deal. For me personally the biggest nerf from PvP that resulted in a HUGE PvE change was the way the root network was done. However PvP is multifaceted it has 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4. The problem with balance will revolve around 2v2 and 4v4. Which will trickle down into the 1v1 and the PvE realms. So long as the changes are noted on the Forums I do not think most people would have a problem with it. I agree that some cards seriously need to be looked at even on the nature side. However BF has always chased its tail when it comes to balance, because 1 card can be used in 5 different ways. The only way to really make sure a card change will not have unintended consequences is to make sure the change only effects the mode that the change is meant for.
  20. Darian DelFord


    It is a combat timer. Units are still considered to be in combat and can not open chests for about 5 seconds. Once the timer is done there is no problem opening chests.
  21. Darian DelFord

    List of Dailies and the Rewards for Dailies

    Ahhh Thanks, will look when I get home from work.
  22. Could someone please point me in the direction of the most current dailies list. I for the life of me have not been able to find it. I am curious to see how they are implemented currently. As the in game mails you get do not tell you anything pertinent at all.
  23. Darian DelFord

    Balancing Discussion: The T1 imbalance in PvP

    If it works the way I understand it to work, it will not affect the AH at all. The card abilities are merely a script. Each card has a script(s) that controls it. All that needs to be done is flag the PvP maps, so that the new scripts will take affect. That is a simple conditional statement. Also as noted a change for 1v1 PvP can vastly affect 2v2 and 4v4 and vice versa. If you truly want to balance the game between PvE, 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 this is really the only way to do it without screwing something else. BF is NOT an easy game to balance. However This is a change which can be done. Its really not that difficult to do, I have done it for games in the past. The question is, how are the scripts stored, how they interact with each other. The hardest part of this whole thing, believe it or not would be the forge. As that is neither a PvE or PvP zone. However any further discussion I would like to have in the other thread as to not derail this one, hence the reason I put the link in my post there :>
  24. Darian DelFord

    Razorleaf and Root Network

    For a fully powered Root Network, it is a 6:1 ratio if you have a fully upgraded root anything. The nerf you are referring to was a reduction from a 9:1 ratio and the radius in which root networks can root to each other. I believe the reduction was 10 meters. The advantage of using more than 6 supporting units/structures for a root network is the ability to spread it with a few active units.
  25. Darian DelFord

    Balancing Discussion: The T1 imbalance in PvP

    Herein lies the Major problem with Balance in BF. You make a single change to a card and it has repercussions in every aspect of the game. PvE, 1v1 2v2 4v4. This is why balancing a card in BF was so damned difficult. One of the reasons I made this thread I know its a pain in the arse to clone a database, But making changes to cards based on mode will be a far easier way to balance then make whole sale changes that improve a card for one aspect and ruin it in other.

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