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  1. And you are who again?
  2. But you make way to many UN-substantiated claims in your initial posts such as rare and ultra rare prices. I can assure you your assumptions are wrong currently... Looking at Parasite, Forest Elder, Wheel of Gifts, Mana Wing, just to name a few of the natures cards.
  3. Looks at the Uncommon Shaman which has been stuck at 750+ BFP for 3 months now..... just to use one of many as an example.
  4. While I agree the wait times are a tad long especially attempting to complete the quests. I agree with you but for a completely different reason. HOwever if memory servers you can achieve Rank 10 in PvE and upgrades your cards. Once upgraded you should not lose the upgrade.
  5. Meanwhile the Same Bugs, the Same Exploits... The Same, Phase Tower Spam, The Same Mortar Tower Spam, The Same Razorshard Spam, The Same Deep One Spam, The Same Tree Spirits Spam.... the list goes on and on.......continue to PLAGUE PvP. While we wait over 4 years for "Nostalgia" I am sorry I do not get this.
  6. I hae been to the Discord Server some decent ideas there. Granted I can not type or contribute but I can see it. Correct me if i am wrong but we are currently in Open Stress which means pretty much anyone can log in and get "nostalgic" This project has been ongoing for 4.5 years. It is all volunteer and it does take time to relaunch old games. However the "Nostalgia" is wearing thin for some of us. I just do not see a logical reason to be holding back the implementations any longer. The game needs to feel like its moving forward more so than it is. Now I have no idea what the time
  7. My point is the project has been going since late 2015. We are currently in Open Stress. We have players who are active in PvE, PvP needs a bit of population bump. Unless ya'll plan on creating 2 card databases 1 for PvE and 1 for PvP (Honestly the only way to balance without breaking both), now is the time to try to at least get a few of the "Problem" Cards addressed. Get some done now and when live hits we can do more. The notion to wait to launch as the game was is IMHO ridiculous. We all know how it was and how it is. We do not need a history lesson. Lets try to address some of th
  8. Ok I have been around BF since early Beta... and by that I mean 2008. Love the game, love what its about and I hate Phenom for not doing more of a marketing campaign in the US ( And Root Network Nerf! ). With that said..... WTH are we waiting on in regards to implementing changes to some of the cards. Those of us who have been around know damn well that SOMETHING needs to be done to cards. This project has been going on what 4 or 5 years now and how many have been changed? I am sorry but I have a problem with this. The community has come up with several ideas which honestl
  9. Go to the Cards and Balance Sub Categories on the forums and you will see what I am talking about. There is seriously way to many to write. Gotta agree with this. While I am not advocating for a complete rebalance. Each Faction has some cards that really really need to be looked at for both reduction and increasing abilities.
  10. Honestly if you want Hype.... Especially for those of us that have been around for a long long long and I mean ancient times. I would suggest balance the cards we have first.... At least some of the Major ones for each faction. That alone will change the dynamic of the game and allow for a fresh breeze.
  11. It is indeed back. No REAL MONEY can exchange hands other than donations for the server. Everything else is being done by awesome volunteers. Boosters are eared at a rate of 1-2 a day depending on your play time. 30 minutes = 1 guaranteed booster and I believe 90ish minutes might give you a second. (confirm?) There are also daily quests available to gain BFP which in turn can be used to purchase boosters. Glad your back
  12. I'd be happy for a tutorial on the Cut Scene Editor.
  13. Sorry never played MtG nor do I care to. BF is unique in that you build a deck, and then there is no randomization to how they are drawn other than power. Your deck literally comes to life. There is no other game out there like that. This allows for some very interesting uses of cards both in PvP and PvE. I had ALL the cards in the original BR in about 6-9 months. (2008-2009) And I still played until the day they turned the servers off.
  14. The problem is if you have a conversion for something as easy to gold to obtain, then the markets will get whacked very quickly. Quite frankly all you have to do is use you tube. Just about every map has been dissected with just about any deck imaginable. In Fact I think most have been beat on expert with merely the free to play deck and the tutorial deck. Having any type of conversion is a bad bad idea. I do not agree with this either. Taking 2 years to get all the cards will make me lose interest quicker than having all the cards.
  15. Granted I have been around BF since 2008. However currently my deck level is only 40 I think. I can still farm gold quite easily if I so choose.
  16. Sorry I have to say an emphatic NO to any type of conversion. You really have no idea how easy it is to get gold.
  17. Sheesh Shadow players know how to use anything else lately?
  18. Bit late to the punch but I plan on restarting the Community Challenges we used to do.
  19. Late to the party I know. However I tested this extensively when we were in Alpha / Beta. The Percentages are dead on accurate. This was testing over 500 1000 and 5000. Came out the same every time.
  20. Honestly against fire...... Nature T1 units that SHOULD be played.... Blue Dryad, Shammy, Swift Claw.......... Fire T1...... HATES Blue Dryad spam
  21. Stop it.... Stop it...... Fire T1 has no chance against Nature T1,..... we must spread this so the fire T1 Players auto resign when they see the first set of swift claws ;ppp actually Fire T1 does nicely against Nature T1
  22. Yes. Free healing and good T1 M/M counter, especially against Frost Mage Spam. Currently the Shaman is priced WAY WAY to high on the AH. However you can get by with Surge of light so long as you can hit multiple units with it., however it will catch up with you in the end.
  23. It is what Radical Said, I have to relog in order to get into a match.
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