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  1. what balance changes do you feel are necessary? just asking out of curiosity.
  2. I see. Thanks for the reply. I just thought of some motivation for the players to continue playing despite a reset. regards
  3. mopsen

    rPVE 10 Decks

    I sort of like your deck with the fire start. I want to play something similar. Can someone tell me how to tweak it for normal pve maps? T2 is regularly my problem. I feel Phoenix is only useful in some maps (additionally I dont have its upgrades). Whats the alternative for t2? rioters retreat, commando, spearmen, windhunter? Or even double red start for firedancer? thanks!
  4. As you all know, there will be a reset at the end of the stress test, which some of the players dislike. In another thread here a developer noted, that there are a lot of unreleased cards in the games database, right? If so, why not combine the reset with the release of some new cards? People gonna be very hyped to try out the new cards. Therefore they wont mind starting from scratch that much. In addition some of their currently precous cards and upgrades might lose value because of the release of new cards, so the reset will hurt less.

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