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  1. Joostino81

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2917 days later I see this game exists......
  2. Joostino81

    I cant believe this game is back

    That sounds amazing, is donating only possible thru Patreon? Another question, Ive downloaded thru the 2 links, 1 of the links is crazy slow and the other was almost done at like 4,7 gb of the 4,9 and now it wants me to buy a subscription to continue. the only free way to download this game is the extremely slow download?
  3. Joostino81

    I cant believe this game is back

    Hi there Im new here and used to play this game like crazy, somehow it stumbled in my head and went to look for some videos and saw that the game is back to play thats to the awesome people here!! I can't believe it im downloading it as im typing this. I was wondering though, I remember I used to spent alot of my money (young child allowance) on this game, do you still need to purchase booster packs etc in this version? Thank you :D

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